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Lucrecia Urbano: Life, love, art and asking forgiveness

Lucrecia Urbano creates images from discarded wine bottles, empty perfume jars and various types of broken glass.  As I looked at the images she showed me, my eyes saw much more than melted glass. I was witness to her process, through art, of the meaning of life and death. Lucrecia explained that she cooks the glass in an oven and after removing the shapes, she photographs each specimen and lastly, as her degree & obsession is printmaking, she hand prints each and every image.

As I stared at her work, I felt a stirring inside which happens when I allow myself to sit still and breathe.  I turned to her and asked “please tell me about your fascination with glass.” She explained that her father was sick and dying in the hospital in 2001 and died in Feb 2002. “In 2002, I started to work with glass. I decided I could see life through the art of glassmaking. If you are a poet, you have words. For me I understand life through the lens of art. Es las manera para mirar la vida: Juntar y realman algo nueva, como transformer. “It’s a way to look at life: to gather and reconstruct something new, like transforming.” El crystal tiene capacidad de cambiar, como nosotros.  “Glass has the capacity to change, just as we do.” She shared about breath, our inhale and exhale, we change, and then we’re gone.

Lucrecia Urbano has two passions; art and helping people. She has set up Zona Imaginaria; a home for local and international artists to live and work together. In the process of creating this home, she began to teach art to the young children who gathered around to watch the painting being made on the front of the house. The children were fascinated by the colors, the paint cans, and the brushes.


Lucrecia, after seeing that I travel with a small doll called Olivia smiled and without any judgment whatsoever said “Cada una tiene sus propias locuras.” “everyone has their own type of craziness.”

She’s her own person who travels extensively, seeks out adventure and expresses her life through her art with a depth to her that is far reaching. Lucrecia has another favorite expression:

“Es mas facil pedir perdon de perdir permiso.

“It’s easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask permission.”

Lucrecia at Museo De Arte Tigre

Lucrecia was born in Cordoba, Argentina. She has a B.A. in Printmaking from  Universidad Nacional de Cordoba.

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