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Marta Soul / Amy Ross at Kopeikin Gallery in Los Angeles

Idillios is the spanish lyrical word for romances. That was enough to intrigue me. Marta Soul’s new series opened at Kopeikin’s Gallery on Saturday night, October 29, 2011. A nice size crowd was milling inside his gallery and a steady stream of people kept entering. I love when angelenos come out to see new art.  Soul’s photos are a series of the same woman in a passionate kiss, (her alter ego) with a different man in various settings.

As Anne Sexton was the modern model of confessional poetry where she artfully conveyed and challenged roles with her poetry, Soul’s photos express how society hands us rules and roles for our identity, sexuality, culture & appearance along with the parts we play in relationship. Sexton wrote that we are supposed to meet Prince Charming, marry, have 2.5 kids, a white picket fence and live happily ever after. Sexton had the courage to admit she wasn’t happy with her roles in an era when these subjects were not discussed in poetic discourse. Sexton re-wrote her versions of Grimm’s fairytales in her twisted, grim book of poetry called Transformations.  Soul’s photos challenge us with questions, which is what good photography does. Soul appears to question that in order to find happiness and remain attractive, there must be constant change. How do you keep the love alive?

Marta Soul was born and lives in Madrid, Spain. The show will be at Paul Kopeiken’s gallery from October 29 – December 24, 2011. Marta Soul is a founding member of NOPHOTO, a collective of contemporary Spanish photographers.

Marta’s website:


Amy Ross had a new series that premiered at Kopeiken’s gallery the same night as Marta Soul’s.

Amy Ross has spent time in Wolf Hollow in Ipswich, Massachusetts where injured wolves are rescued and rehabilitated. Wolf Hollow has enormous pens of wolves which are no different than dogs as pets.  “If you howl at them, the wolves howl back.” Amy said, filled with passion for how the wolves affected her.


Amy creates hybrid creatures with her graphite, watercolor and walnut ink on paper.  Her love of her brother is clear as well as he was in the army and is the inspiration for her drawings below.

Amy shared with me that she was figuring out how she wanted to be in relationship with herself after her marriage of 12 years ended thus creating this new series.  “I love to cook” Amy shared.” She has farm shares to support a local organic farm. Sometimes crops are destroyed by insects and other pests. All summer I had an incredible bounty.” These self-portraits show Amy with swiss chard, driftwood and radishes. The driftwood symbolizes how she felt after her marriage ended.

Amy said “The individual cannot survive alone. What happens when you’re a lone wolf and you have to survive, hunt and care for yourself with no support?” Amy’s art shows us the lone wolf survives, even thrives after the pack has broken up. Like the wolf, when left alone we survive on raw instincts especially if there are young to take care of and in Amy’s case, a daughter. Amy looked at me and said “what happens when your marriage is over?” It was a question and matter of fact statement, all at once.

Amy Ross was born in New Jersey and lives and works in Boston, Massachusetts.

Amy’s website:


Paul Kopeikin, Amy Ross

Mary Sherwood, Paul Kopeikin, Amy Ross

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