Karma Train Has Made a Stop

Michael Jackson taught me what media bias is and the karma train has made another stop. Not one single solitary media outlet has reported the fact that James Safechucks’ multi million dollar posthumous lawsuit was thrown out of court again.  This time it was dismissed with no fake technicalities as an excuse either. That makes two different judges who ruled for dismissal. Channel 4 is financing director of Leaving Neverland Dan Reed to be there.  

Not one media outlet would publish anything pro about Michael after the Leaving Neverland mockumentary, fakeumentary. The media flooded the public consciousness with MJ guilt bullshit all over again. 

Michael Jackson was always innocent from Evan Chandler’s extortion case in 1993 to the Me Too Arvizo’s in 2005 to the attempt from Wade Robson who not only was the first witness for the defense in the 2005 trial but whose attempt to obtain millions from Michael’s children’s inheritance was thrown out of court in 2013 as the lies were so preposterous that the judge said no one could believe them. Two white men slandered a dead black man, the media treated their allegations as fact without offering a platform to the defense of the dead black man. 

No more dirt being thrown at Michael’s name with false accusations. The accusers were after money, they were always after money. Michael has been proven innocent multiple times, the accusers discredited and caught in lies multiple times and the only reason “Leaving Neverland” was made and released was because he’s not alive to defend himself.

Unless you have read “Conspiracy” by Aphrodite Jones or “Redemption” by Geraldine Hughes, unless you have read the court transcripts and the police reports and the FBI report and watched Square One on Prime and truly researched the truth of the witch hunt against this man, as I have for ten years, then you don’t know the truth.

You do not know the truth about Michael Jackson, you only know the lies the media force fed the public for 27 years. It’s time to stop judging someone based on media propanganda. Michael Jackson was a loving, giving, compassionate person whose only goal was to create music and heal the world. He gave away 500 million dollars to various charities in an attempt to heal the world. All Michael Jackson accusers from Evan Chandler to the Me Too Arvizos to James Safechuck and Wade Robson were after money. As Michael wrote in “Money” – “They don’t care they’d kill for the money.” Let’s stop with the slander against a dead black man who is not here to defend himself.  

I leave you with this. In 1994, Michael Jackson was responsible for the life-saving surgery for Tamás Farkas (previously Béla, 28) by paying for his liver transplant in Brussels.  They stayed in touch until Michael’s death. It was a rare occasion when Jackson’s charitable act received publicity and media attention. This is who Michael Jackson was.


UPDATE: April 20, 2021: Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Mark A. Young has tentatively dismissed the last of the cases brought by choreographer Wade Robson against the Estate of Michael Jackson. On this final ruling, the judge’s decision was “no triable issue.”

Final ruling: April 27, 2021: Dismissed again, for the 3rd time. Robson’s cases against Jackson and his estate came out of a left field claim that he was sexually abused when he was a child. Troubling and suspicious as Robson testified in Jackson’s defense in his 2005 trial and continued to sing his praises, even after he died. Only after the estate rejected him to work on the Michael Jackson “One” show, did Robson make the claims. Leaving Neverland was filled with so many holes, that it was debunked within the first month of release.

Michael Jackson – The King of Light and Love 10 Years Later

Billie Jean, Beat It, Thriller Dolls.

Entrance to Forest Lawn – Glendale.

Forest Lawn Glendale.

June 25, 2009.  I heard the news that Michael Jackson had died as I was driving from the San Fernando Valley to Downtown Los Angeles for work. I had been hired as a stunt person to work in a scene on Iron Man 2.  At that point, I had been a stunt woman for 25 years.  As I drove, I tried to make sense of what I had heard.  Michael Jackson dead? I had been a fan since I was ten years old and his music was the soundtrack to my life.

The scene in the film called for myself and two other stunt women to run away from the giant robots that were chasing the pedestrians.  The director yelled “Action!”  As we ran, one of the stuntmen landed squarely on top of me on the stairs.  The wind was knocked out of me immediately and it became hard for me to breathe. We set up for another take and I realized something was wrong.  I didn’t say anything to the stunt coordinator as we did another take but I would find out days later that I had broken ribs.

That injury began a journey of researching, writing, watching YouTube videos, reading books and finding out who the real Michael Jackson was, not the lies the media tried to force feed us on a steady diet.  I discovered what I had known since I was ten years old. Michael was a special soul with higher consciousness who was truly gifted with a beautiful heart. A heart that made him other centered, almost to a fault. Everyone loves their own children but Michael loved all children.  He loved children in a godly, innocent way and would eventually be crucified for it.

There is no place in American culture that allows for a grown man to have a home which he named Neverland Ranch.  A 2500 acre escape from the masses always pulling on him, literally and figuratively.  In a February 17, 1983 Rolling Stone Magazine interview he said it hurt being pulled on. “Being mobbed hurts. You feel like you’re spaghetti among thousands of hands. They’re just ripping you and pulling your hair. And you feel that any moment you’re gonna just break.” Some may choose to judge him because he preferred climbing trees to playing football, and the company of children to adults who always wanted something from him. He gave so much. All he wanted was to spread love and peace, especially to those who had very little.

Michael delighted in elementary things like riding roller coasters with children, water fights with over-sized squirt guns, and animals that loved unconditionally.  This simple love of life caused those with darkness and blackness in their hearts to judge him. For those who didn’t feel love in our sometimes loveless world, he showed us not to be scared to love. When you told him you loved him, he didn’t say, “love you” or “love ya”. He always said “I love you more.”

Flowers from MJJ Fan Club – Japan.

On the tenth anniversary of Michael’s passing, I am once again, like every year before, moved to tears by the outpouring of handmade cards, teddy bears, sunflowers, giant arrangements of flowers and fans I haven’t met and even more that I have, from all around the globe.

Aki Nao, Miyuki – from Japan.

Flowers from Russia.

Flowers from Denmark.


Flowers from Italy.

French & Belgian fans.

Flowers from Iran.


Spanish & English – Facts Don’t Lie – People Do.

Israel Banners.

Have You Seen My Childhood?

Flowers from China

Aki, Nao, Miyuki – Japan

Miyuki – with her handmade doll – Japan

Hand made quilt from Japan

Quilt insert

Quilt Insert – Yukiko

Map from fan -Japan

Angela – 19 year old who came with her cousin Ella, 5 years old. They both admire MJ. He is their biggest inspiration. He’s inspired Angela in so many ways from music, singing, arts to being a humanitarian and making a difference. Ella wishes to do the same in the future.

Ella reminded me of my cousin Vered when she was 5 years old. I gifted her with one of my MJ dolls. She loved it immediately.

Rieko Iwanaga spotted me and asked if I remembered her from 2016. Yes! I can never forget her smile!

Dan Lu, Luring Lei from China. Dan studies at USC – Global Communications. She shared with me she has wanted to make her own documentary on the truth about Michael for 10 years.

Dan Lu – from China.
“I have loved Michael since I was 10 years old.”

Fans from Russia.

These dolls from Japan were fabulous.

Siren and Brenda created this.

From Japan.

Blood on the Dance Floor

From Iran.

One Rose for Michael Jackson has 18,757 red and white long stem roses for him this year.  They blanket him, as he cared for others around the world with his humanitarian efforts.

Marcela Torres, Liz Johnson – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Catherine Van Tighem,  Robyn Starkland

Brenda Jenkyns from Canada, Lidia originally from Russia.

18,757 roses for Michael Jackson.

Forest Lawn Glendale in a blanket of roses for Michael Jackson.

What a treat to meet Liz Johnson, who flew from Buenos Aires, Argentina to pay her respects to Michael. She was here one other time in 2014.  We spoke about how Michael was loved around the world and yet I felt the United States judged him harshly and tried to imprison him even though both allegations were proven to be blackmail.  She told me “Nadie es propheta en su tierra.” “A prophet is never known/accepted in his hometown. “

We both agreed Michael’s death was a spiritual awakening which caused millions of people around the world to speak the same language, the language of love. I met Marty Theis who, with his beautiful smile said “We are here to change the world.” I also met Jordan, who grew up in China and now lives in New York. Jordan shared with me that she discovered Michael when she was three years old.  The first false allegations in 1993 made her decide to become a lawyer. “He died the day I graduated college. I was going to come and meet him.” she said.

Liz Johnson – Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Michael Jackson was the greatest entertainer this world has ever seen. The gathering at Forest Lawn shows that having a kind heart and caring about others, is never, ever out of style.In this selfie obsessed, look-at-me-culture, now, more than ever, Michael’s care for humanity was both a breath of fresh air and testament to his heart and it is why he will always be remembered.  This isn’t just fan worship, it’s people resonating with L.O.V.E and higher consciousness.  Michael was tuned into the suffering of others. Even in his death, his will stipulated that part of his earnings should go to charities for children.

Michael’s consciousness was elevated and that’s what we tuned into and made him loved, more than anything. Darkness falls across the land but the love Michael Jackson spread around the world is testament to the power of caring about someone else, being kind, generous, gracious, loving, heart centered, and never forgetting the endless possibilities of grace available to us as human beings. Michael lived his life as a masterpiece, bringing the world together as one.

Michael Jackson Bad board signed by fans.

I love this card from Patricia Alvarado A from La Paz, Bolivia.
Mi dulce morenito:
Se cumplen 10 años de tu partida al cielo…Pero siempre serás uno de mis ejemplos a seguir, Gracias por tu música maravillosa, tu dulce voz, tus piecitos mágicos y tu corazón de oro. I love you more!!

Another board signed with photo from the Bad era.

Card from Jan Carlson

Look at the stunning artwork created by Siren.

Card from Gee – Kent, England.

I set up my MJ Thriller doll next to this card from Myrna – from Mexico.

The creativity of Michael Jackson fans never fails to surprise me.

Card from Carol Hodges

Card from Robert L’ Hirondelle.

Card from Marjolein.

Look at this beautiful sketching from Elin Fogstad – Norway

The beauty of the words from Sissa Margarita – Mexico.

Card from Loli – España.

Card from Josee Grimard from Montreal, Canada.

Card from Isabelle Vicente from France.

Card from Helena One – Malaysia.

Card from Agnes Morbihan – France.

Here is Siren, whose artwork is soulful and beautiful. Siren, along with Brenda, are the two MJ fans that flew to Sundance this year to be in support of Michael.

From Fanny Chow – Hong Kong

One of the fans left this SuperBear and hand written note for Michael.

Grace from China.

This note from Aki made me tear up.

I’m keeping her name private. She moved me to tears.

I will end my blog with a Self Portrait w/Siren’s beautiful art. Siren creates from her heart and I have always loved her art, even before I knew who she was.

Lights, camera, fiction! Leaving Neverland Has Been Derailed

© hannah kozak
Michael Jackson’s 1982 Thriller Album


Lights, camera, fiction!

Leaving Neverland is anti-Michael Jackson programming at its zenith, a clearly fraudulent movie that is collapsing daily—even hourly as journalists, activists, and writers such as Keya Morgan, Mike Smallcomb, Charles Thomson, Kerry Ward, Raven Woods and John Ziegler fire more cannonballs and Reeds’ ship continues to sink.  We continue debunking everything from its major plot points to its minute details.

Leaving Neverland was never about what truly happened at Neverland Ranch or about alleged victims of sexual abuse. It was meant as a smear campaign against Michael Jackson. And as the movie’s credibility continues to fall apart, I’m left with so many questions… Like, why is the U.K. press covering director Dan Reed’s faux pas but the U.S. media is ignoring the whole ordeal? Why hasn’t Oprah, who publicly promoted the film, made a public statement about the lies that have since been uncovered since it opened? Who supported this movie? Who financed it?

Defending Michael Jackson doesn’t make you crazy and stating tabloid headlines doesn’t make you woke either. The story of Leaving Neverland is a painted upon, crazy canvas of lies, frauds, and players with an agenda. The movie itself is a plot to bring down the world’s greatest entertainer ever.

And you shouldn’t buy it—I would know.

I watched my mother be abused by her second husband for five years on weekends from the ages of nine to fourteen until she ended up in intensive care at UCLA with brain damage. She has spent thirty-nine years of her life in aging facilities. That’s a fact.

As someone who has a background with abuse, I resent the lies meant to pull on our hearts with the end goal of a financial payoff. I’m also a photojournalist. To document my father’s survival of eight Nazi forced labor camps during the Holocaust, I spent more than eight years on and off conducting research. Reed said he did three weeks of research for Leaving Neverland. I know it takes more time than that.

So, unlike the movie, let’s get some facts straight:

1) Wade Robson insisted Michael was trying to turn him against women in the movie. Meanwhile, Robson asked Michael to properly introduce him to Michael’s niece, Brandi, after they met on a commercial for Michael. Brandi and Wade had a relationship for more than seven years, during the time Michael was allegedly abusing him. This throws off the narrative, doesn’t it?

2) Wade never stayed behind in Neverland alone with Michael while his family went to the Grand Canyon. In her 1993 deposition and during the 2005 trial, Wade’s mother testified that the whole family, including Wade, went on that trip.

3) James Safechuck’s lawsuit against the Michael Jackson estate claimed abuse from 1988-1992. But the train station where Safechuck vividly described this daily abuse didn’t even exist during that time period. Dan Reed admitted days ago that Safechuck committed perjury because the train station only acquired permits for construction in 1993 before opening for use in 1994.

So Robson and Safechuck are not victims. They made up allegations to sue for hundreds of millions and lied repeatedly in court to try to get money. And it’s evident now that Reed has placed himself firmly in the driving seat of these allegations.

The deterioration of Michael Jackson’s reputation and well-being during the 2005 trials wasn’t enough for the media. The American federal judicial system found Michael Jackson innocent, but years later films like Leaving Neverland are still attacking him and spreading lies that he can no longer respond to because he is no longer with us.

Michael Jackson was a globally renowned black icon. He broke barriers between racism and religion and was a true humanitarian. As I wrote in January, try as some people might to put another nail in Michaels coffin, his dedicated fans and followers know the truth: Michael was a kindhearted man.

Michael Jackson was a fan of P.T. Barnum and believed he was put here to entertain and the show must go on. This movie is a three-ring circus and the show must not go on. This house of cards is falling down.

The Dalai Lama recently said: “We have to learn how to use our time properly. It’s important to make our lives meaningful. Bullying and cheating others may give a short-term return, but leaves a nagging sense of unease. Money doesn’t yield real satisfaction, whereas compassion does.”

I’m going with the Dalai Lama and the compassion that Michael Jackson showed us while he was on this planet. We need more compassionate hearts, not people getting on board a train of lies.

Michael Jackson had a soft heart in a cruel world. Like him, I will continue to stand up for what I believe in, as I have for the past ten years. Even if it’s not always popular, it is the only truth in my heart.

Michael Jackson’s Light Shining on Christmas

Michael Jackson’s Light Shining on Christmas”

When I pull into Forest Lawn Cemetery, I see a grand festive wreathe decorated in yellows, golds and reds. Five years and six months later, Michael Jackson is remembered, respected and honored at Forest Lawn. Dedications to him continue with Christmas trees left in his honor, complete with home made decorations.

Entrance to Forest Lawn
Entrance to Forest Lawn

People have lovingly decorated spruce, pine and fir trees and left them close to Michael’s resting spot, at Holly Terrace. Three different sizes of trees complete with wrapped gifts, tiny bulbs, sparkling tinsel, and handmade cards with candles underneath.

Christmas tree for MJ
Christmas tree for MJ

Christmas tree for MJ
Christmas tree for MJ

Christmas for MJ
Christmas for MJ

Christmas tree for MJ
Christmas tree for MJ

There is a beautiful silence on the sacred grounds. Even the trees seem to understand that G-d is closest to those with broken hearts. There is a Jewish proverb: Do not be wise in words, be wise in deeds. And indeed, Michael walked his walk. He didn’t have to tell others how he helped those less fortunate; he just did. He was a spiritual force that touched billions of souls. When I visited Neverland, I saw the special hospital beds for sick and dying children that Michael had built into the walls of the movie screening room. He was that committed to helping the children. Our culture is obsessed with sex and it’s the cynics that made something pure and innocent, into something evil. I was witness to the opposite.

Forest Lawn tree
Forest Lawn tree

Christmas tree for MJ
Christmas tree for MJ

Forest Lawn for MJ
Forest Lawn for MJ

I wonder if he knew how much light he brought into our world? Does he know how bright his light continues to shine? Michael spread light and was the embodiment of love and yet his loneliness never broke his spirit. As I quietly sit, reflecting on how Michael wanted to heal the world, I am struck by the light streaming through the trees at Holly Terrace. And there is my answer. Michael Jackson’s light touched every corner of the world. A golden reflection of light, lighting in every direction: south, north, east and west. “Heal the World” he sang. If we all cry at the same time, maybe we can.

@ hannah kozak
MJ at Forest Lawn Cemetery

“He’s not afraid to look at the worst suffering and find the smallest part that’s positive and beautiful.” – Frank Dileo of Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson’s Light Shining on Christmas”

We’ve already had enough – Stop the Conrad Murray documentary

“A faint cold fear thrills through my veins that almost freezes up the heat of life.” Thanks Shakespeare. We had justice for approximately 24 hours. Scratch the sense of closure I wrote about 2 days ago. When I heard the recording of Michael Jackson’s voice where Michael was taped in the privacy of his home, I knew what Dr. Murray was up to all along. Think about it. There are no words that exist in the English language for Murray’s ethics but appalling comes to mind. Murray was sitting in Michael’s bedroom with his iPhone tape recording Michael. What exactly was he planning to do with that? Michael was in the privacy of his own home and still had no privacy.What a horrific violation of trust.

“They gotta hear it from me,

They gotta hear it from you,

They gotta hear it from us,

We can’t take it.

We’ve already had enough.”

Is the media a mirror of society? If it is, then we have hit rock bottom. It’s obvious why Murray choose not to testify in court. He had this planned all along complete with a tape recording he made of Michael’s voice. I wonder how much he was paid?

Channel 4 is ready in the wings with a diabolical documentary featuring an exclusive interview with Murray, the doctor who was found guilty in the death of the world’s most beloved entertainer. How much money will Murray pocket from his documentary? How far will the tabloid trash reach? I wrote a blog about Money last week and I wasn’t far off. There are laws that prevent a felon from profiting from his crime but not if the documentary was completed prior to the end of the trial where Murray was considered innocent. Congratulations to Murray who got around the law again.

Michael Jackson was making money from the time he was eight years old. He grew up knowing that people wanted to be near him for his money. He knew that many did not care about him and his giant heart that cared about people, children, families, art, animals, nature and his fans. From Evan Chandler to Janet Arvizo to Martin Bashirs to Rabbi Schmuley to Conrad Murray, we come full circle to what Michael Jackson endured his entire life. Who could he trust? No wonder he filled his bedroom with mannequins when he was 20 years old. At least he could speak to someone who wouldn’t record his thoughts or publish a book of his deepest sorrows.

No wonder Michael preferred the company of children to adults. Greedy people saw money signs when they looked at Michael and Michael knew that. The only thing Michael Jackson was guilty of was trusting the wrong people.

Conrad Murray was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter just two days ago. Why isn’t he hanging his head in shame? Instead a documentary is going to be aired next week! Michael Jackson is dead because of Murray’s negligence and now we have to fight the network to cancel an inappropriate show? Why is it a constant battle with us against the media to simply DO THE RIGHT THING.It is inconceivable that a killer be allowed to profit from his victim, the person that he killed. It is inconceivable that a doctor releases personal information on one of his patients. It is inconceivable that our justice system allows a criminal to become a millionaire after killing a celebrity. What kind of messages are we sending to the children?

Because Murray got caught up in the money that came with pop superstar Michael Jackson. We saw the testimony of all of Murray’s various women. Murray boasted that he was Michael Jackson’s doctor. It was part of how he seduced women. His “care” killed Michael because of Murray’s greed. I am disturbed, appalled, upset by how wrong this is. Here we go again.

Was justice served?  Murray’s attorneys are going to appeal the verdict. What will Murray serve? He got 4 years but honestly visa vi the new statute going into effect his crime will be a jail felony so 4 years becomes 2 years. He’ll get good behavior and our jails are full.  Murray will serve around 7-14 months then he’ll get book deals and he’ll head off to Europe with his money and what about the fact that Frank Dileo is dead. How come no one addressed that when Murray came down the stairs in a panic and called for Prince that Kai, the chef, just went back to cooking the meal?

What about the catalogue?  I want to know what about the Sony/ATV catalogue? The bottom line is they got away with murder. Everyone knows Michael was concerned that he would be killed so his catalogue could be controlled. Art transcended Michael’s troubles when he was alive but I suspect that we’ve only just begun the fight.

Here’s my truth. My mother was the victim of abuse and her abuser walked away free. No justice was served and I had no voice as a 14 year-old girl. I have a voice now and I’m going to keep using it until I can’t anymore.  Michael Jackson doesn’t have a voice anymore. We all must gather forces and be a voice for him. We stopped the program that was going to air where a live autopsy would be done on his cadaver. We can stop this programming.

Everyone who is willing to take the time and make the effort should write letters and mail or fax to:

NBC Entertainment and Universal Media Studios

100 Universal City Plaza

Universal City, CA 91608

818.777.1000 Fax:  818.866.1430

Marc Graboff


West Coast Business Operations,

Television Entertainment,

NBC Universal

Twitter:  http://twitter.com/#!/mgraboff

Rebecca Marks

Executive Vice President, Publicity

Charles Engel

Executive Vice President, Programming

Curt King

Senior Vice President, Publicity, Marketing and Corporate Communications

MSNBC Cable. L.L.C. 30 Rockefeller Plaza

New York, NY 10112

Phone: 212.664.4444 Fax: 212.664.4085

Phil Griffin,

President, MS NBC

Email: phil.griffin@nbcuni.com

Sharon Otterman

Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer

Email: Sharon.otterman@nbcuni.com

Jeremy Gaines
Vice President Media Relations

Email: Jeremy.gaines@nbcuni.com

Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/jeremymgaines

Bill Wolff

Vice President, Primetime Programming

Email: bill.wolff@nbcuni.com

Mike Rubin

Vice President, Long Form Programming

Email: mike.rubin@nbcuni.com

Deb Finan

Vice President, Production and Programming

Email: deb.finan@nbcuni.com

Commit to not watching the program and persuade everyone you know to do the same.

Let’s twitter something more important than the best place to get a facial or eat lunch. Let’s continue the fight for justice for Michael please. Michael was treated differently than you or I his entire life because he was 100% unique. He’s been on trial most of his life. The media ignored his philanthropic endeavors and they invented salacious lies about him. Even if you aren’t an MJ fan, it’s time to raise your voice. It’s time to get indignant and call, write, tweet, fax, share, spread and don’t stop. Where is the humanity?

As Michael Jackson wrote in We’ve Had Enough :

“There’s nothing that can’t be done if we raise our voice as one.”

“They gotta hear it from me,

They gotta hear it from you,

They gotta hear it from us,

We can’t take it.

We’ve already had enough.”

We've already had enough