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Colin Finlay-Palm Springs Photo Festival

I just returned from the Palm Springs Photo Festival. Sam and I left on Tuesday afternoon after enjoying one of my favorite meals, huevos rancheros. We ate at Coffee 101 on Franklin. Five hours later I thought I had food poisoning.

We sat in on a lecture of four different collectors of photography and then went to have sushi for dinner. We thought we were going to a restaurant in Palm Springs; Midori, but ended up going to Cathedral City. It was worth the drive as the fish was deliciously fresh.

I taught Sam a set of Kundalini Yoga this morning followed by a breakfast of granola, vanilla yogurt, raisin bagel with butter and jam and green tea. One of my greatest passions and joys is to share the technology of Kundalini Yoga, which as helped me immensely. Sam looked like she was in bliss.

I love spending time with Sam. She’s present and not all up in her head. She’s always game for something new and fun. Her incredible passion for photography is contagious. She was excited like a little kid about her photography equipment and what to bring. She packed it all barely remembering to bring anything to wear on the trip. She brought her Hasselblad, her Canon 5D and was shooting photos on her i-phone with a new app she discovered that makes effects like a traditional film camera. I can count on her being able to figure out how to get anywhere. Since I’m directionally dysfunctional, it’s soothing when someone knows where they’re going.

The first lecture we saw was Storytelling with the Canon 5-D Mark II and 7D. Vincent LaForet  has blended motion and still cameras for photographers.This is a particular interest of Sam’s. I”m more interested in the written word, which will be the highlight of the festival for me.

We walked to the Palm Springs Art Museum to see Linda Connor’s exhibition. Linda is an American photographer who has twenty-five years experience photographing places like Egypt, India, Tibet, Thailand, Sri Lanka. She shoots with an 8 x 10 film camera like Sally Mann so that warmth, depth and richness is right there.

I always like to travel with a nice bottle of wine. I brought a 2006 California  Cabernet from Brookdale Vineyards. We sat at the hotel bar and ordered humus, olives, carrots, celery and a spinach salad.

The pinnacle of the show was Colin Finlay. Colin has been awarded the Picture of the Year International honor six times. He was the reason I wanted to attend the show. I love the expression of the written word in addition to photography. Colin has a powerful depth to his photos and his writing. We invited Colin to join us for a glass of wine at the hotel where Sam and I asked questions and heard his insights on his work and philosophies.  “When I take my last breath on this earth, I want to know that I’ve made a difference to the lives of others”.  This is the man we were blessed to have spent time with. Check out his work:


Here’s a photo I took of Sam and one she took of me with her cool new app. Yes, I love Michael Jackson.

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