Christy Rogers – Reckless and Unbound

In a world where Photoshop has become a verb, Christy Rogers photographs are a breath of fresh and inviting wonderment. Rogers exquisitely combines light and movement with her passion of water to create timeless photos.

From Diane Arbus to Francesca Woodman, every great artist is obsessed with unmistakeable passion, one that is at the helm of all that they create and Christy Rogers is no exception. Rogers, a self-taught photographer born in Hawaii, grew up cradled by the water. Her subjects feel suspended in an unsinkable wave of water while the light and movement create sensual portraits that remind me of baroque paintings.

Her Reckless Unbound show opened at the Aesthesia Studios, a beautiful three story architectural masterpiece in Los Angeles on November 10 and will run until December 3, 2012.

Michael Jackson was murdered and we miss his heart.

The first day of the trial of Conrad Murray brought out droves of fans, his family, and blocks of camera trucks with reporters, photographers and camera crews. I met a woman who flew from Paris, France to show her support. She told me to please not use her name as she took time from work, just like she did for him during the trials of 2005.”Michael was like family for me. Of course I will be here” she told me.  This was a man whose heart touched so many of us around the world. Michael Jackson reached people on a deep emotional level which any artist dreams of doing. He was a man so gentle, kind and loving that Spielberg remarked “if E.T. hadn’t come to Elliott, he would have come to your house.”

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Any reasonable person knows Michael Jackson was murdered. Experts say Murray violated 18 standards of care while “caring” for his patient. Michael has been dead over two years and instead of focusing on Murray’s abysmal treatment of Michael, the media is going to focus on the ludicrous defense that Michael was a drug addict who woke up and self injected a lethal dose of Propofol. Even if MJ had drug issues in the past from having the top of his scalp burnt off, even if Mj was known for having insomnia when touring, what does that have to do with Murray basically sleeping on the job? I thought that the media would finally leave Michael be upon his departure from earth. Murray will be acquitted and it’s obvious to us “crazy” fans that MJ’s death was about money and Murray’s acquittal is about making sure Murray doesn’t talk.  It’s abhorrent to me how much everyone wanted a piece of MJ. Michael isn’t on trial here, Murray is. Where is the justice?

There are no words that exist in the English language for the reckless way Murray administered and didn’t attend to his patient. Murray’s negligence was nothing short of a crime, a crime of murder. Here is a Murray timeline.

During the 2005 trial it was revealed when documents of MJ finances were turned in, that most of his lawyers and advisor were ripping him off blind. Not to mention that Santa Barbara’s district attorney Tom Sneddon falsified evidence while he acted with impunity in a trial that nearly destroyed MJ. Why was Sneddon not criminally charged with lying to federal officers? We all know Sneddon was at the top of the pig trough with little piggies Diane Diamond, Martin Bashirs, Tommy Mottola having seconds. We destroyed the spirit of, and then killed an innocent man with unimaginable cruelty. How does our great democracy allow witch-hunts?

Where is the justice in all of this? Michael was handcuffed, arrested and forced to place 2 million dollars bail for a crime he did not commit in 2005. Meanwhile, Murray is walking the streets more than 2 years after Michael’s death with a paltry $75,000 bail.Who paid his bail? He is supposedly bankrupt.

Everyone wanted a piece of MJ’s net worth. Take a look at the PDF of the bill that Dr. Klein submitted to the estate of Michael Jackson for Botox services rendered. Now, I’m not an expert of Botox or Restylane but I know it doesn’t cost $2000 for an injection of Restylane that is unless of course you are a doctor with no scruples whatsoever and you know you can charge your famous patient crazy fees because after all, it’s accountants paying the bills.

I understand Dr. Murray’s “plight”. In our world doctors are strangled by debt resulting from diminishing reimbursement, large malpractice premiums, and high overhead costs. Yes, but, how can you in all good consciousness, take a job that requires you to anesthetize a client unless you are an anesthesiologist. One word: money. Michael wrote about this on his 1995 album History in a song called Money.

When does the insanity end? Michael Jackson didn’t suffer cardiac arrest. He was paying Dr. Conrad Murray to monitor him and yet the phone records of Murray’s not one but 2 phones show him on the phone during the time he was supposedly “stunned to see that Michael Jackson was not breathing when he left the room for 2 minutes to relieve himself.” Murray said, “I gave Michael Jackson propofol and left the room.” Millions of patients, for more than 20 years have received this drug with no issues. The two fundamental reasons are someone watched them and monitored them with heart and blood oxygenation monitors. There was equipment to do intubation if patient stopped breathing. All witnesses verify no such equipment was in Jackson’s bedroom.

Dr. Conrad Murray called an attorney while Michael was dead. I think he called an attorney for obvious reasons. Imagine that phone call: Oh, oh, I just killed Michael Jackson. He lied and said Michael had a weak pulse but Michael was already dead. He called fellow doctor Arnold Klein. All these calls made within a period of 47 minutes while Michael stopped breathing. Murray, even my 13-year-old niece knows to call 911 first when someone stops breathing.  Here’s a list of the data and phone calls he made while Jackson lay dying while Murray didn’t call 911 because he was “caring” for his patient. I would like to know how Murray could care for his patient when it seems all he was doing was texting, calling girlfriends, other patients, and other assorted people. In other words, he wasn’t taking his $150,000 a month job to monitor Mr. Jackson too seriously. That is obvious as he didn’t keep any medical records or have a physical exam on Michael. Something simple is not knowing you never combine benzodiazepines with anything especially Propofol. Then of course, there is the fact that Murray made sure he tucked away evidence of Propofol. While Michael lay on the bed, eyes wide open and mouth gaping, security guard Alvarez watched as Murray shuffled around MJ’s room, grabbing handfuls of bottles off the nightstand and commanding Alvarez  to remove the IV bag. Then, and only then did Murray give Alvarez instructions to call 911. I am quite certain that hiding evidence is a big no no.

Harry Dhaliwal, an AT&T employee, discussed Murray’s cell phone activity on June 25th, 2009.  Beginning at 12:04 am and continuing every hour, on the hour until 6:04 am, Murray received data.  In addition, at 6:25 a.m., 9:00 a.m., 9:11 a.m., 10:26 a.m., 12:03 p.m., 12:04 p.m., 12:53 p.m. and 1:23 p.m., Murray received or sent a text message.  He received data at 7:03 a.m., 7:20 a.m., 8:14 a.m., 8:35 a.m., 8:54 a.m., 10:04 a.m., 10:15 a.m., 10:24 a.m., 12:13 p.m., 12:18 p.m. and 2:19 p.m.

In addition, he had several phone calls on June 25th, 2009:

9:23 a.m. incoming call lasts 22 minutes (Bioni)

·10:29 a.m. incoming call lasts 22 minutes[1]

·11:07 a.m. incoming call lasts 1 minute (Ruggles)

·11:18 a.m. incoming call lasts 32 minutes (Global Cardiovascular)[2]

·11:26 a.m. incoming call lasts 24 minutes (Russell)

·11:49 a.m. outgoing call lasts 3 minutes

·11:51 a.m. outgoing call lasts 11 minutes (Anding)

·12:12 p.m. outgoing call lasts 1 minute

·12:15 p.m. outgoing call lasts 1 minute

Jeff Strohm is a custodian of records for Sprint/Nextel.  He detailed the phone calls Murray made from that phone:

·7:01 a.m. outgoing call lasts 25 seconds (Butler)

·8:49 a.m. incoming call lasts 53 seconds (Guild)

·10:22 a.m. incoming call lasts 111 seconds (Dr. Prechad)

·10:34 a.m. outgoing call lasts 8 ½ minutes (Ruggles)

·11:26 a.m. incoming call lasts seven seconds (Morgan)

·1:08 p.m. outgoing call lasts 2 minutes (Alvarez)

If you are being paid to monitor a patient, to make sure that patient is breathing because you have given him a drug that affects the respiratory system, shouldn’t you watch the patient and not be on your iPhone texting and calling? Had Murray gotten off his iPhone calling attorneys, Dr. Klein, girlfriends and his office and called 911 instead of trying to cover himself, there is a good possibility Michael would still be alive. Didn’t Murray learn in medical school that it’s best not to text girlfriends when your patient stops breathing but to call 911?

Even though I believe there are more players involved in the planned death of Michael Jackson, Dr. Conrad Murray is the culprit because he administered a drug, the drug that caused Michael’s breathing to stop. My prayer and hope is that his honesty testimony will bring forward the other ones involved. Murray is a small piece of this ugly puzzle.

The laws need to be changed. Instead of greed with dollar signs underlined and highlighted, Murray could have suggested Michael try breath work with a professional. This would be taking the route to the highest good of all concerned. The mind always follows the breath. The key to controlling the mind is controlling the breath. In the earthly realms, breath comes first. Our breath is connected to the movements of all our emotions and thoughts. Breath is the life force of the atom.  If someone can’t sleep, help him learn how to breath. No, instead he injects him with a drug that is only

  1. Used in hospital settings.
  2. Administered by an anesthesiologist.
  3. Monitored with proper breathing equipment i.e.: hospital, proper airway management, supplemental oxygen, artificial ventilation and CPR training.
  4. Not a sleep aid or agent.

My father always taught me I have to pay for any mistakes I make. Who pays for this job botched beyond repair? The harm he placed on Michael Jackson is irreversible. Murray forgot the first Hippocratic oath; the moral conduct of physicians:  First do no harm. Seems like that concept is a foreign language to Murray.

Michael’s death was a spiritual awakening for many including myself. With all the cynicism in the world, Michael’s heart was a breath of fresh air because it was open, untainted, pure.  When I reached out to thank Taaj Malik today for her undying support of Michael, she went to hug me and we both held each other while crying against one another’s chests. Today my heart is filled with sadness, hurt and sorrow. I can’t help but think to myself  “he was pure love and they killed him.”

He delighted in elementary things like riding roller coasters with children, water fights with over-sized squirt guns and animals that loved unconditionally.  That caused those with darkness and black in their hearts to judge him. For those who didn’t feel love in our sometimes loveless world, he showed us not to be scared to love and when you told him you loved him, he always said,  “I love you more.” He didn’t just sing it in his lyrics, he lived love by reaching out to others with his actions throughout his life. Michael had all the qualities I love in another: A life long learner; he was a gentle soul; kind, loving, playful, respectful, filled with compassion and he loved to laugh. In terms of his creative genius, he had determination, perseverance, persistence, and never ending hope even when he was kicked down over and over. He had a feminine side he was not afraid to show. Loving big and always thanking the creator for his gifts, he never stopped giving to the world and he was the personification of passion. We feel the loss of his love. We miss the universe shining through his eyes, his work and everything he touched. There is something broken on our planet and there is a sadness for me that one person who spent his life trying to fix it, was snuffed out. His light, though, carries on through each and every one of us.

Michael’s new album- a mockery of his death

I am a Michael Jackson fan yet I am not celebrating his new album. I’m not interested in it one iota. Why? Because it’s not Michael’s latest album. It’s Sony’s new way of conning the public into buying this album of unfinished, incomplete tracks and producing more money from his name and talent while Michael is in the grave. Anyone who knows Michael’s way of creating is aware of the perfectionism he put into each and every song and project. This album is not Michael’s. It’s a product of greedy suits that sat at a table continuing to manipulate the public. Michael is gone too soon and they know the public wants more.  More bad news. This over produced record is the first in a reported ten album deal over the next seven years. I’m feeling that things are going to get ugly.

First it was This Is It; behind the scenes video that Michael was taping for his personal archives also to be B-roll, behind-the-scenes footage. AEG edited rehearsals and Sony won the bid for $65 million. It turned into the most successful music documentary ever made. Michael’s personal tragedy was met with fire-drill-paced meetings to create a financial victory.

Remember the song Michael wrote called Money from the History album released in 1995? “Lie for it, spy for it, kill for it, die for it”. He was directly referring to the people who sued him in the 1993 Jordan Chandler case. That case was and is documented as 100% blackmail. Did you know that Michael was sued hundreds of times in his life in similar cases? Maids were paid by magazines to lie so stories could be invented. Everyone was out to get a chunk of Michael Jackson’s money. Shame on the Chandlers and more shame on Gavin Arvizo and his family. Jackson’s attorney Tom Mesereau proved that Janet Arvizo coached her children to lie. She was the architect of the scam. Both cases: failed extortion attempts. Both cases the parents went to attorney Larry Feldman, not police to claim child abuse. Shame on Larry Feldman. Jordan Chandler and the Me-toos Arvizos destroyed Michael Jackson. The mainstream media were accomplices. These cases were a legal equivalent of a modern day lynching.

Michael Jackson worked for forty years on his art and he shared it with us. Working seedy strip clubs at the age of eight, concert after concert with his brothers as part of The Jackson Five, recording sessions, photo sessions,  touring the world for Bad, Dangerous and History tours. He gave relentlessly and we loved him for it. When he became the biggest selling artist in the world, the media started to tear him apart. They made up fantastic lies and looked for a way to take him down. As he said “The bigger the star, the bigger the target”. And Michael was big. His creative genius was vast. The contributions he made to music and video are unprecedented. Then there was his heart which was like no other. He was pure love and his contributions to children’s organizations are well documented. His philanthropy was also unprecedented. Everything Michael did, he did great and grand.

Michael rarely has a bad word to say about anyone. Except Tommy Mottola and Sony. He was public about his feelings.He starts speaking at 3:00 minutes in this 9:56 minute June 15, 2002 video made in London. Here is his speech against Tommy Mottola.  @4: 20 seconds MJ says “I have generated several billion dollars for Sony. They thought my mind is always on music and dancing and it usually is. They never thought that this performer, myself, would out think them”.

I think Michael angered the wrong people when he said that. He embarrassed Sony and music mogul Tommy Mottola by calling them racists publically. Mottola was the industry’s most powerful executives. Eight years later, Michael would be dead and one year and four months later, nothing has been done about his wrongful death. There were monetary elements to his death. He purchased the ATV catalog for 47.5 million dollars in 1984. The value of it cannot be under estimated. It was meant to bring him continued income. Michael understood that the music industry as a whole used artists as slaves and cheated them out of profit.It should have provided to him a steady and dependable income for the rest of his life. Instead of giving him steady income, it created fear and paranoia which perhaps did lead to his death.He wanted to leave the assets for Prince, Paris and Blanket.  It was worth over a billion when he died. Michael Jackson @ 8: 53 “My level of trust will change, there’s a lot of conspiracy going on”. Moreover, when his Neverland ranch was raided, there were over 70 police officers and 20 FBI. FBI are never present unless it’s a federal offense. Sounds like a conspiracy to me and I’m not a conspiracy expert.

Look, I’m not saying Sony is responsible for Michael’s death. I know that MJ had a confict with Tommy Mottola but in the later years he resumed his contacts with Sony – especially since he was (and still is) in a partnership with them in their jointly owned 50-50% ATV/Sony catalog. But everything regarding his death is suspicious.

I see people lining up to buy this record and it saddens me. I believe this record was released to continue the show of covering up Michael Jackson’s death. Sony mocked the death of one of the greatest loved entertainers this world has ever seen with This is It and they continue with the release of Michael. The public is buying it. But the fans, we should know better. Michael gave us enough of his music in his four decades of creating art without us having to buy a posthumous album that wasn’t created by Michael.×288.jpg

As he wrote in Money. “Lie for it, spy for it, kill for it, die for it”. Michael died for his art. He always said money is the root of all evil.  That much is clear as the doctor who gave him a lethal injection of the noxious drug Propofol in a not so neat package, dithered as Michael lay dying. Murray isn’t in jail but relaxing at home while Michael’s mother’s grief eats her alive daily. Anything that continues to be released by Sony is not in the name of Michael’s art or his heart or his donations or philanthropic contributions. It’s in the name of greed, corruption, utter selfishness, and a continued manipulation of the public. Although I never knew him personally my heart breaks for Michael Jackson and what he suffered in his lifetime and how he continues to be exploited.

I can’t imagine going through life since the age of eleven and never being able to blend into the background. In every room, on every street, imagine being recognized and stared at. Just about everyone wants something from you- a hello, an autograph, a hug, a conversation, friendship, money, maybe employment, an invitation to the Michael Jackson entourage where all your fantasies can come true, where you can suck up his stardom and feel important. Although incredibly bright there was a naivete about him and he was used by many people. I’m not an expert but I’ve done hours of research to gather all the details.

As I have been Michaeling since his death I have had a profound awakening in understanding who this man was, not what the media wanted us to believe. If you do a tad of research you will see it was sensationalistic media narrative they were selling us. I have come to learn how bright his light was. His heart radiated so deeply that it was truly who he was; a heart centered, ultra sensitive person who continued to forgive no matter how much judgment and hatred was aimed at him. Even when he was mocked and humiliated he was loving and forgiving. Michael’s end product was forgiveness.He was the king of forgiveness. He continually brought light to our darkened world with his music and humanitarian efforts.

A piece of my childhood died on June 25, 2009. This world is a little bit less bright without his gifts. Michael said “good art never dies” and “I promise you the best is yet to come”. Unfortunately he didn’t live to create that promise but his art lives on. His music is embedded into the collective consciousness thanks to the pure genius that he was and will stay in my heart until it’s my turn to go home. My holiday wish this season is that Michael Jackson’s name is vindicated.

These photos are who Michael Jackson was.

Please listen to the words of this song; Lost Children. The lyrics bring tears to my eyes.

Last, but not least, his humanitarian efforts.