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Me encanta la comida en Buenos Aires-I love the food in Buenos Aires

This one’s for you, Bbird.

It’s all about food and love.

juevos y jamon (eggs & ham)

ensalada caprese

milanesas a la napolitana con papas soufflé, ensalada caprese

ravioli al pomodoro basilico (spinach & ricotta ravioli w/pomodoro sauce & basil

Mozzarella, tomate & albaltaca empanada, cebolla y queso empanada, ensalada mixta

juevos con tomate & cebolla (eggs with tomato & onion)

Ensalada de atun, tomate, cebola y juevo dura (tuna, tomato, onion & hard boiled egg)

bruscetta en pan de campo honjos dorados, cebolla carmelizada & queso brie

taboulie, ensalada belen, keppe crudo, hummus, banir, eyatra/muyata, aceituna

ensalada de mix de hojas, palta, juevo duro, cibolette & vinagreta de nueces greens, avocado, chive, hard boiled egg,

Flan & mate en Córdoba

tamale en chala – minced meat & red peppers wrapped in corn husk

locro saldeno – maize and meat stew

grocery market outside Buenos Aires in San Fernando

People love this in Argentina, Uruguay,Paraguay, southern states of Brazil, south of Chile,the Bolivian Chaco

my favorite goikey-chocolate & coconut

Olivia-always exhausted at the end of each day but with a smile on her face

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