Karma Train Has Made a Stop

Michael Jackson taught me what media bias is and the karma train has made another stop. Not one single solitary media outlet has reported the fact that James Safechucks’ multi million dollar posthumous lawsuit was thrown out of court again.  This time it was dismissed with no fake technicalities as an excuse either. That makes two different judges who ruled for dismissal. Channel 4 is financing director of Leaving Neverland Dan Reed to be there.  

Not one media outlet would publish anything pro about Michael after the Leaving Neverland mockumentary, fakeumentary. The media flooded the public consciousness with MJ guilt bullshit all over again. 

Michael Jackson was always innocent from Evan Chandler’s extortion case in 1993 to the Me Too Arvizo’s in 2005 to the attempt from Wade Robson who not only was the first witness for the defense in the 2005 trial but whose attempt to obtain millions from Michael’s children’s inheritance was thrown out of court in 2013 as the lies were so preposterous that the judge said no one could believe them. Two white men slandered a dead black man, the media treated their allegations as fact without offering a platform to the defense of the dead black man. 

No more dirt being thrown at Michael’s name with false accusations. The accusers were after money, they were always after money. Michael has been proven innocent multiple times, the accusers discredited and caught in lies multiple times and the only reason “Leaving Neverland” was made and released was because he’s not alive to defend himself.

Unless you have read “Conspiracy” by Aphrodite Jones or “Redemption” by Geraldine Hughes, unless you have read the court transcripts and the police reports and the FBI report and watched Square One on Prime and truly researched the truth of the witch hunt against this man, as I have for ten years, then you don’t know the truth.

You do not know the truth about Michael Jackson, you only know the lies the media force fed the public for 27 years. It’s time to stop judging someone based on media propanganda. Michael Jackson was a loving, giving, compassionate person whose only goal was to create music and heal the world. He gave away 500 million dollars to various charities in an attempt to heal the world. All Michael Jackson accusers from Evan Chandler to the Me Too Arvizos to James Safechuck and Wade Robson were after money. As Michael wrote in “Money” – “They don’t care they’d kill for the money.” Let’s stop with the slander against a dead black man who is not here to defend himself.  

I leave you with this. In 1994, Michael Jackson was responsible for the life-saving surgery for Tamás Farkas (previously Béla, 28) by paying for his liver transplant in Brussels.  They stayed in touch until Michael’s death. It was a rare occasion when Jackson’s charitable act received publicity and media attention. This is who Michael Jackson was.


UPDATE: April 20, 2021: Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Mark A. Young has tentatively dismissed the last of the cases brought by choreographer Wade Robson against the Estate of Michael Jackson. On this final ruling, the judge’s decision was “no triable issue.”

Final ruling: April 27, 2021: Dismissed again, for the 3rd time. Robson’s cases against Jackson and his estate came out of a left field claim that he was sexually abused when he was a child. Troubling and suspicious as Robson testified in Jackson’s defense in his 2005 trial and continued to sing his praises, even after he died. Only after the estate rejected him to work on the Michael Jackson “One” show, did Robson make the claims. Leaving Neverland was filled with so many holes, that it was debunked within the first month of release.

9 thoughts on “Karma Train Has Made a Stop

  1. Thank you Hannah, I really do believe the truth will eventually be told & Michael will at last be able to rest in peace. This is one step closer to that day x

  2. Dear Hannah,
    Thank you for once again being a beacon of light in the enduring story of Michael Jackson.
    The lies have been proven, time and again, yet still these worms come out of the woodwork seeking to destroy a legacy the world should be shouting about.
    All the BLM and other protestations happening are oblivious of one of the biggest injustices that happened to a wonderful, warm, caring and selflessly generous human being.
    If only eyes had opened to the message Michael was carrying and living, it might be a much better world we all live in today.
    Bless you for standing strong.
    Always Michael.
    Jo Xx 🌻🙏🌻

    1. Dear Jo,
      I am so happy with this long awaited result from the preposterous lies that have been circulating about Michael Jackson for too long. You have put into words, so beautifully, the truth. I will continue to stand strong for Michael Jackson. He was a rare human being, filled with love and compassion for children.
      Always Michael.
      I love you more.

  3. Well.. what can you say…? I guess it’s just that this is the world today. It is not important truth only money, and media sorry, but they are simply a prostitute on the services of whoever pays. Sad and scary. Michael wouldn’t want to live in such a world. I think where he’s better off…
    Thank you Hannah from Poland. ❤

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