Celebrating Love on Michael Jackson’s 62 Birthday

The truth is I wasn’t going to blog on the anniversary of Michael Jackson’s 62nd birthday this year.  Not only have we been in a heat wave in Los Angeles but I have been trying to manage with my mother locked down in a nursing facility, left brain damaged from her second husband’s abuse. For the past six months, she has not been allowed visitors but I have been given permission to see her from a gate for 25 minutes, in the sun, with traffic whizzing by, two times a week. The isolation is getting to her as she does not understand why she has no visitors coming inside even though I have tried to explain the situation to her.  She asks me to “come inside”, “let’s go” “vamanos” and “open the gate.” Finding a perfectly ripe avocado made me happy, because it’s the only food they allow me to bring her.

The medical director of the facility told me “We need your voice, don’t back down” so I haven’t but it’s exhausting.  Then, to make matters worse, I was told that the facility working with the Dept. of Health would open up a safe, social distanced arrangement where family can visit without endangering the residents, staff or visitors at the end of August. There were 5 new cases in a building in the same campus two weeks ago, so the residents have been locked down once again.

In place of boredom, I offer my mother spontaneity. In place of loneliness, I offer companionship. Instead of feeling helpless, being able to visit with my mother gave me the opportunity to take care of another human being.  I look forward to the day that will we set them free from this tyranny.

As I pulled into Forest Lawn Glendale, I was wondering if Michael would be remembered this year as more people tend to visit on the anniversary of his death, rather than his birthday.  As I saw the intricate, creative cards and the stunning arrangement of flowers, I knew I had to share these photographs with his fans so here I am again.

Michael Lutkes originally from Dusseldorf, now living in Los Angeles, created this painting. 

Mountains of flowers for Michael.
From Russia – We Just Can’t Stop Loving You

Flowers from Italian fans
The fans in Denmark designed this Neverland boat. It was stunning to see the details such as the sail with tiny sunflowers.
Someone created a birthday cupcake extravaganza. The creativity of Michael Jackson fans never fails to astound me.
This stand up from the History era was lovely.
More stunning flowers from Italy. 

YouTube: German in Venice

Look at the tiny ladybug details!
Inner card
Isabelle Vicente from France
The beauty of Siren’s card always capture me, year after year.
Back side of Siren’s card. Siren started painting after Michael died. Her art and writing are from her heart.
Card made by Carol H.

The care, passion, creativity of these cards are so healing to see in person.

oh, so pretty!

Helena Ong – Malaysia

Messages of love to Michael

My heart is filled with sorrow because of my mother’s isolation and if I can bring a smile to someone in the world, sharing the love I am witness to at Forest Lawn, then I have accomplished something meaningful today. No one understood this better than Michael Jackson, whose genuine love and caring for humanity was part of why he touched so many hearts around the globe. Michael Jackson was the embodiment of love, kindness, caring and the most creative soul to ever walk this planet.

Seeing my friends Gloria Lopez and Marty Theis brought so much warmth to my hurting heart.

Finally, last but not least, the love between Gloria and her fiancé, is so heart affirming.

Gloria and Eric

22 thoughts on “Celebrating Love on Michael Jackson’s 62 Birthday

  1. Dear Hannah

    Thank you for the blog and the stunning photos despite all the issues you are handling and despite the COVID. I pray that you win in your fight and that your Mom is safe and happy. God bless you❤️

    1. Dear Suparna, It’s so nice to hear from you today. I am happy I could share my photos with you. I know that things will get better, they have to. G-d bless you, my MJ sister. Sending you a big hug.

  2. I’ve been waiting for your Forest Lawn photos, thank you.
    I know that it is a difficult situation not to be closer to my mother, I believe that this difficult time must end one day.
    I only see my mother on the balcony and we talk by phone, I’m healthy, but you never know, because you may not have any symptoms.
    Lots of health for your mother and for you Hannah.

    1. Oh, Jolanta, I am happy I was able to create photos yesterday and share them. Yes, things will get better one day. I remain hopeful for you and all of us around the world. Sending you and your mother love and good health from here in Los Angeles to Poland.

  3. Hannah, dear… how can I find words to bring some comfort to you.. to know that your mom is unhappy and lonely in isolation not fully inderstanding what is going on can break any heart..I am holding your hand, my dear friend, in hope and in pray that this horrible covid will go the soonest way and you will see your mom close and hug her to your heart. Thank you for the awesome pictures, you are an awesome professional! L.O.V.E. to you and your mommy! Happy heavenly birthday, Michael!

    1. Irina, I know things will get better. Let’s stay positive and sending each other good thoughts. Thank you for holding my hand, my dear friend. I am sending so much L.O.V.E. to you and hope that we will see each other next year at Forest Lawn. Happy Birthday to the young man who will forever be in our hearts.

  4. God bless you Hannah for who you are, and for bringing this out to us again. You manage – in the heat and in this corona times – you are a hero. Beautiful. Beautiful. Thank you so deeply.

  5. Thank you Hannah for the wonderful photos you take of all of us who are so far away, this year so sad because we can’t reach Michael … God bless you! 👑❤️👑

    1. You’re welcome, Tiziana. Focusing on the beautiful flowers and cards helped take my mind off of my mother. I’m happy I can share my photographs with you that can’t be here in Los Angeles in person. G-d bless you too!! With love.

  6. Thank you Hannah for your wonderful photos, and your review. I really feel for you and your Mum. I have not been able to visit my 92 year young Dad, since February 14th, who is also in a Nursing home. Our Nursing home has very strict entry conditions, requiring evidence of a recent flu shot before entry, (which unfortunately I cannot have). However I know he is being well looked after. Seeing your blog makes me happy, please stay happy and healthy. Love Deb, Australia

    1. You’re welcome, Deb. It helped me to focus elsewhere by creating my photos and blog to share with MJ fans around the globe. My mother is being well cared for too but that doesn’t take the place of visits. The facilities need to open up as the elders are declining from lack of visits. I’m glad my blog made you happy. Please stay happy and healthy. Sending love.

  7. Dear Hannah,
    Bless your good heart and your Mom’s good heart. My own Mother is many years now passed away – may she rest in peace and Bless her Spirit. If my Mother (“Mouse” was the nickname she went by) and I were in your Mom’s and your position, I know we would experience profound aggravation and heartache.

    Your Mom’s situation, being less able to understand the situation, reminds me quite poignantly of my Grandmother “Katze” – may she rest in peace and Bless her Spirit.

    Is it possible for the staff at the facility where your Mom is to set up a laptop with your Mom where she could Skype with you? Most of today’s generation is well familiar with Skype and similar programs. If visiting in person is not possible, perhaps visiting by video can somehow be done?

    Thank you for sharing these photos of dear Michael’s Birthday flowers and cards. I hope his Spirit might visit and bring love to your Mom and you, and all the Beloved families out there who cannot be physically together.

    Bless your and your Mom’s hearts, Hannah. I am sending what I can to you – good thoughts and energies for you both.

    I am glad visiting his place brought some respite to you. Dear Michael wanted to give that to all his adoring fans (or as I prefer to see it, his extended Family) – a brief time to escape the harder aspects of this life.

    Dear Michael, I wish for you Happy Birthday Blessings. May you rest in peace and Bless your dear, beautiful Spirit.

    “Cap’n” Toni with my Lady Coco, Maya, and Carly Pups, and All the Animal-Kids of the lil Haus….

    1. Dear Toni,
      Thank you for your thoughtful, generous time here. I wish it was just aggravation that I felt at this time. After 6 months of keeping her locked down including Mother’s Day and her 82nd birthday, It is truly shocking what has been done to elders in nursing homes.

      Yes, of course we are doing Zoom sessions but they are quite challenging. I play her music and sing to her but nothing is like an in person visit, strolling the gardens together. She doesn’t understand why some people can come in and others, like family, cannot.

      Thank you for sending your good thoughts, energies and yes, being there on Saturday gave me a reprieve from the challenges with my mother “locked down”.

      Here’s to you and all your beautiful animal-children.

      With love

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