Michael Jackson – The King of Light and Love 11 Years Later

After ten years of blogging about Michael Jackson on the anniversary of his death, I had decided last year, that I would not be writing a blog on June 25 anymore. I felt that I had nothing more to say that I hadn’t already said before. And then this year, covid.

As I pulled into Forest Lawn Glendale, I started to feel a sense of peace in my heart chakra. It’s as if my body knows I am heading into a place of healing and love and I need that now, more than I can ever remember. My mother is in a nursing facility, left brain damaged from her second husband’s abuse, and for the past four months, has not been allowed visitors from family. I managed to get permission to see her from a gate and the experience has been exhausting knowing how isolated and lonely she has been. The last few times she has asked me why I can’t come inside and I have tried to explain to her even though it makes no sense. Yesterday on my 25 minute visit, she asked “is this all” meaning am I ever going to be able to come in, brought me to tears. She held onto the large avocado I brought her as if it was the only thing in the world she could hold onto. Then, to make matters worse, I was told that the Dept. of Health said if she did not have a covid test once a week for a month, that she would be isolated in her tiny bedroom. Last night I could not sleep thinking about how painful this has been for her and all the elders, in a similar situation across the U.S. I prayed to my father and Michael, to help me find someone to help me set them free from this tyranny.

Entrance – Forest Lawn Glendale

I arrived to the familiar place where cards and flowers are placed and must admit it was not the same without all the red roses that Robyn Starkand organized for the past ten years. However, I saw Silvily, setting up cards from fans around the world. Seeing Silvily Thomas touched my heart, someone I know and love from the “soldiers of love” community and I felt myself getting emotional. I told Silvily I was not going to create a blog this year but after seeing the cards, roses and sunflowers, I changed my mind.

Forest Lawn Glendale – near Michael’s final resting place.
Heal The World – from Japan
From Nathan
From Russia
We Love You Forever, Michael
I just love how the fans continue to show their love, year after year, for Michael Jackson.
With L.O.V.E. from Denmark

It’s not the same this year without Robyn Starkand’s One Rose for Michael Jackson but these roses were lovely to see.

Michael always said “I Love You More” when someone said “I Love You.”

One of my favorite set ups, which was placed behind the area of Michael’s final resting place.
I love the quiet, peace, serenity of all the trees.
Tiziana Schellino from Italy made this gorgeous, detailed, homemade card.
Another stunning homemade card from Carol H.
Every year Siren’s cards, paintings and drawings touch something inside of me and this year was no different.
Inside detail of Siren’s card.
Beautiful soul Irina Eropolova is usually here every year. I was happy to see her gorgeous card!

Wow! Another amazing, creative card by Isabelle Vicente

Lovely! From Jessica

Eleven years later and why am I still moved to write about Michael Jackson? Because now, more than ever, we need to love and care for each other and the fans that normally travel from all over the world to come pay their respects to him, cannot travel this year. My heart is heavy because of my mother’s isolation and if I can bring a smile to someone in the world, sharing the love I am witness to at Forest Lawn, then I have accomplished something meaningful today. No one understood this better than Michael Jackson, who would visit children’s orphanages as well as sick and dying children, before and after his concerts.

Last year I meet Ada Lu who came from Beijing in April 2019 to study communications at USC. Look at all the handmade gifts she made for Michael. The creativity amongst MJ fans has astounded me for the past decade.

All handmade by Ada Lu – who came to Los Angeles from Beijing in April 2019 and studies communications at USC.

My MJ sister, Ada Lu with her homemade cards.

Here is Kenna Flowers, who has been a fan since she was a baby. “I was born in 1985. Always been a fan of Michael Joseph Jackson. I remember this day eleven years ago. I screamed. I feel really close to him. I always have and always will.” Then, she shares, as if she has to say it outloud, “I was adopted. This is my mother behind me. There’s just a lot. I wish sometimes, no disrespect, I wish I could know where I come from. I think she would be hurt if I tried to find out.” “I understand” I said as I hoped to hold a space for her to feel safe. Behind our masks, we were both crying.

Kenna Flowers born in 1985, has been a fan since she was a baby.

My friend Gloria and I met and I was so happy to meet her at Forest Lawn, along with Eric, another heart centered soul. Her heart is so beautiful and I went back to Forest Lawn in the afternoon, just to see her. As I was returning to FL after driving back home to get the majority of my blog created, Eric saw me and said “Everyone is in the back. There is a circle of love.” A circle of love is what this entire planet needs right now.

Gloria Lopez
Here’s a card from Lola Anderson in front of Michael’s resting place.
Lola’s card – inside

Michael Jackson was a kind, generous man with courage, character, perseverance and he was a social activist who created art to last for all time. Thank g-d for his humanity. He made us better people, less judgemental. The way he loved to help people, his mission to help others was Michael’s walk. He is missed, all over the globe as millions of us felt he was the king of light and love and I feel blessed to have walked on the earth when he did.

Flower arrangement from fans in China.
Michael’s friend, Elizabeth Taylor’s final resting place.

16 thoughts on “Michael Jackson – The King of Light and Love 11 Years Later

  1. Dear Hannah! Helllo and hugs! Oh.. this is actually the best I have read for the last few days in regards of Michael’s 11th year celebration of his legacy and genius. Yours is so moving and touched me to the core. I wascrying when I was readig the lines on your dear mom. God bless her. My thoughts and prayers will be with her now. Hannah, you are an incredible writer, thank you form the bottom of my heart. Irina Eropolova

    1. Dear Irina! Hello and hugs to you too. I missed seeing you this year. When I saw your beautiful card, I felt as if we were connected again. Thank you for the prayers for my mother. I am hoping and praying that I can see her inside soon. Thank you for all your kind words, Irina. Sending you love, my MJ sister.

  2. Hannah, Thank you SO SO much for these beautiful pictures. I know so many were sad not yo gather this year. This does bring joy!! Sue

    On Thu, Jun 25, 2020, 9:04 PM hannahkozak’s blog wrote:

    > hannahkozak posted: “After ten years of blogging about Michael Jackson on > the anniversary of his death, I had decided last year, that I would not be > writing a blog on June 25 anymore. I felt that I had nothing more to say > that I hadn’t already said before. And then this yea” >

  3. This is all truly beautiful and your love and passion for your art and your heart shines through in your work. Always wonderful to see you ❤
    Gloria ❤

  4. I found this blog by chance and then my photographed ticket that I sent as always from Italy to Silvily.
    Thanks for your words that touch everyone’s heart and even more who managed to get to Michael like me, this pandemic prevented me from returning this year, but if God wants me to be there by 2021. Thanks for these magnificent photos, I embrace you from afar but close to Michael’s love.

  5. Thank you for this….Love the photographs. I had seen this before on you tube but having the pictures like this is different. Its a good thing you changed your mind.
    Sending positive thoughts and vibes for your Mum. Hopefully the situation will work out for the best.
    Great reading too.

    1. You’re welcome and I’m happy you enjoyed it. I’ve been doing this for 11 years now at Forest Lawn and yes, it’s a different feeling seeing actual photos than YouTube videos. Thank you for the positive thoughts with my mother and all the elders impacted. Thank you!

  6. This is wonderful Hannah. Thank you for sharing your story and the photographs. The hardest thing I have found this year not being there, is trying to keep up with the time zones from friends around the world. The virtual events have been wonderful, however, being nearly a day ahead in Australia, I have found myself with hardly any sleep for the past 4 days LOL. Hopefully one day we will be able to travel again to LA, however, I fear it may not be for many years. Sending love to you and your Mum.

      1. I really do feel for you too, Deb. I would demand that you see him from a gate or fence or window. 5 months is too long for them to be isolated, believe me I am seeing it with my mother.

    1. Hello Deb. Oh, I’m so happy, you can’t imagine, that I could reach out and touch others like you with my story and photographs. I know you will be able to travel to LA next year, it will be okay by then. I have friends who are airline stewards and they say it’s fine to travel. Thank you so much.

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