Michael Jackson – The King of Light and Love 10 Years Later

Billie Jean, Beat It, Thriller Dolls.
Entrance to Forest Lawn – Glendale.
Forest Lawn Glendale.

June 25, 2009.  I heard the news that Michael Jackson had died as I was driving from the San Fernando Valley to Downtown Los Angeles for work. I had been hired as a stunt person to work in a scene on Iron Man 2.  At that point, I had been a stunt woman for 25 years.  As I drove, I tried to make sense of what I had heard.  Michael Jackson dead? I had been a fan since I was ten years old and his music was the soundtrack to my life.

The scene in the film called for myself and two other stunt women to run away from the giant robots that were chasing the pedestrians.  The director yelled “Action!”  As we ran, one of the stuntmen landed squarely on top of me on the stairs.  The wind was knocked out of me immediately and it became hard for me to breathe. We set up for another take and I realized something was wrong.  I didn’t say anything to the stunt coordinator as we did another take but I would find out days later that I had broken ribs.

That injury began a journey of researching, writing, watching YouTube videos, reading books and finding out who the real Michael Jackson was, not the lies the media tried to force feed us on a steady diet.  I discovered what I had known since I was ten years old. Michael was a special soul with higher consciousness who was truly gifted with a beautiful heart. A heart that made him other centered, almost to a fault. Everyone loves their own children but Michael loved all children.  He loved children in a godly, innocent way and would eventually be crucified for it.

There is no place in American culture that allows for a grown man to have a home which he named Neverland Ranch.  A 2500 acre escape from the masses always pulling on him, literally and figuratively.  In a February 17, 1983 Rolling Stone Magazine interview he said it hurt being pulled on. “Being mobbed hurts. You feel like you’re spaghetti among thousands of hands. They’re just ripping you and pulling your hair. And you feel that any moment you’re gonna just break.” Some may choose to judge him because he preferred climbing trees to playing football, and the company of children to adults who always wanted something from him. He gave so much. All he wanted was to spread love and peace, especially to those who had very little.

Michael delighted in elementary things like riding roller coasters with children, water fights with over-sized squirt guns, and animals that loved unconditionally.  This simple love of life caused those with darkness and blackness in their hearts to judge him. For those who didn’t feel love in our sometimes loveless world, he showed us not to be scared to love. When you told him you loved him, he didn’t say, “love you” or “love ya”. He always said “I love you more.”

Flowers from MJJ Fan Club – Japan.

On the tenth anniversary of Michael’s passing, I am once again, like every year before, moved to tears by the outpouring of handmade cards, teddy bears, sunflowers, giant arrangements of flowers and fans I haven’t met and even more that I have, from all around the globe.

Aki Nao, Miyuki – from Japan.
Flowers from Russia.
Flowers from Denmark.


Flowers from Italy.
French & Belgian fans.
Flowers from Iran.


Spanish & English – Facts Don’t Lie – People Do.
Israel Banners.
Have You Seen My Childhood?

Flowers from China

Aki, Nao, Miyuki – Japan
Miyuki – with her handmade doll – Japan
Hand made quilt from Japan
Quilt insert
Quilt Insert – Yukiko
Map from fan -Japan
Angela – 19 year old who came with her cousin Ella, 5 years old. They both admire MJ. He is their biggest inspiration. He’s inspired Angela in so many ways from music, singing, arts to being a humanitarian and making a difference. Ella wishes to do the same in the future.
Ella reminded me of my cousin Vered when she was 5 years old. I gifted her with one of my MJ dolls. She loved it immediately.
Rieko Iwanaga spotted me and asked if I remembered her from 2016. Yes! I can never forget her smile!

Dan Lu, Luring Lei from China. Dan studies at USC – Global Communications. She shared with me she has wanted to make her own documentary on the truth about Michael for 10 years.
Dan Lu – from China.
“I have loved Michael since I was 10 years old.”

Fans from Russia.
These dolls from Japan were fabulous.
Siren and Brenda created this.

From Japan.

Blood on the Dance Floor
From Iran.

One Rose for Michael Jackson has 18,757 red and white long stem roses for him this year.  They blanket him, as he cared for others around the world with his humanitarian efforts.

Marcela Torres, Liz Johnson – Buenos Aires, Argentina
Catherine Van Tighem,  Robyn Starkland
Brenda Jenkyns from Canada, Lidia originally from Russia.
18,757 roses for Michael Jackson.
Forest Lawn Glendale in a blanket of roses for Michael Jackson.

What a treat to meet Liz Johnson, who flew from Buenos Aires, Argentina to pay her respects to Michael. She was here one other time in 2014.  We spoke about how Michael was loved around the world and yet I felt the United States judged him harshly and tried to imprison him even though both allegations were proven to be blackmail.  She told me “Nadie es propheta en su tierra.” “A prophet is never known/accepted in his hometown. “

We both agreed Michael’s death was a spiritual awakening which caused millions of people around the world to speak the same language, the language of love. I met Marty Theis who, with his beautiful smile said “We are here to change the world.” I also met Jordan, who grew up in China and now lives in New York. Jordan shared with me that she discovered Michael when she was three years old.  The first false allegations in 1993 made her decide to become a lawyer. “He died the day I graduated college. I was going to come and meet him.” she said.

Liz Johnson – Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Michael Jackson was the greatest entertainer this world has ever seen. The gathering at Forest Lawn shows that having a kind heart and caring about others, is never, ever out of style.In this selfie obsessed, look-at-me-culture, now, more than ever, Michael’s care for humanity was both a breath of fresh air and testament to his heart and it is why he will always be remembered.  This isn’t just fan worship, it’s people resonating with L.O.V.E and higher consciousness.  Michael was tuned into the suffering of others. Even in his death, his will stipulated that part of his earnings should go to charities for children.

Michael’s consciousness was elevated and that’s what we tuned into and made him loved, more than anything. Darkness falls across the land but the love Michael Jackson spread around the world is testament to the power of caring about someone else, being kind, generous, gracious, loving, heart centered, and never forgetting the endless possibilities of grace available to us as human beings. Michael lived his life as a masterpiece, bringing the world together as one.

Michael Jackson Bad board signed by fans.
I love this card from Patricia Alvarado A from La Paz, Bolivia.
Mi dulce morenito:
Se cumplen 10 años de tu partida al cielo…Pero siempre serás uno de mis ejemplos a seguir, Gracias por tu música maravillosa, tu dulce voz, tus piecitos mágicos y tu corazón de oro. I love you more!!
Another board signed with photo from the Bad era.

Card from Jan Carlson

Look at the stunning artwork created by Siren.

Card from Gee – Kent, England.
I set up my MJ Thriller doll next to this card from Myrna – from Mexico.

The creativity of Michael Jackson fans never fails to surprise me.
Card from Carol Hodges
Card from Robert L’ Hirondelle.
Card from Marjolein.
Look at this beautiful sketching from Elin Fogstad – Norway

The beauty of the words from Sissa Margarita – Mexico.

Card from Loli – España.
Card from Josee Grimard from Montreal, Canada.

Card from Isabelle Vicente from France.
Card from Helena One – Malaysia.

Card from Agnes Morbihan – France.
Here is Siren, whose artwork is soulful and beautiful. Siren, along with Brenda, are the two MJ fans that flew to Sundance this year to be in support of Michael.

From Fanny Chow – Hong Kong
One of the fans left this SuperBear and hand written note for Michael.
Grace from China.
This note from Aki made me tear up.
I’m keeping her name private. She moved me to tears.
I will end my blog with a Self Portrait w/Siren’s beautiful art. Siren creates from her heart and I have always loved her art, even before I knew who she was.

21 thoughts on “Michael Jackson – The King of Light and Love 10 Years Later

  1. Beautiful blog post. So much love. So nice to see that Michael Jackson’s legacy and love for the world lives on. Thank you Hannah Kozak. LOVE & Blessings to you always.

  2. Beautiful photos and beautiful words Hannah. Thank you for that every year I can be there on FL near Michael. ❤ ❤ ❤

  3. This is a beautiful photo post and tribute. I wish I would have connected yesterday. It was a bit overwhelming. Sending out a major love…

  4. Thank you, Hannah, for seeing this day through your eyes and for giving your perspective of this day at Holly Terrace.
    Especially, I liked the emotional side stories combined with photos of the grief that is still around. This day is always a roller coaster ride.You remember all the joy .. and all the pain, too.

    Thank you for rendering this kind of service of a review yearly so that fans worldwide have a sure place to go online for this day. Very much appreciated!

    Love to Michael Jackson who is one of the world’s biggest inspirations.

    1. Dear Holger, You are welcome. Meeting people from all corners of the globe is heart opening. And, the essence of what Michael Jackson brought to this world: the ability to bring people together from Argentina, Russia, America in an outpouring of love. All ages, genders, nationalities, political affiliations, orientations come together in love. That is who Michael Jackson was and is. Michael wanted to heal the world and whenever we gather, that’s what he does.

  5. As always beautiful pictures, moving text for this sad Anniversary.Thank Hannah for all this LOVE ♥ from France.

  6. “We both agreed Michael’s death was a spiritual awakening which caused millions of people around the world to speak the same language, the language of love.” I’m not sure when I started crying reading your blog and Seeing these touching photos. All I know is the tears keep coming. The language of love born from our awakening flows from a universal soul.

    How do you capture the outpouring of love, remembrance, support and grief… from around the world? And though the language or fonts may be different, even though they make their signs in crochet or 10 foot billboards, or floral designs in roses and sunflowers… The message is the same. Deep, abiding, permanent, spiritual love.

    Thank You for creating this open window to peek into the scene at Michael’s resting place. It’s funny…. I never feel him here. But I always feel the fans’ love and appreciation and grief gushing at every turn. I know one thing: his love in our hearts has created a spiritual awakening and a band of followers whose lives reverberate with his frequency. One seed has died, but the harvest has only just begun.

    1. It’s quite an experience for me every year, Rita. It’s so healing to be surrounded by so many people who know the truth and pour their creativity into honoring Michael Jackson. Meeting people like you make it all worthwhile. I will never forget meeting you at one of the Conrad Murray trials downtown.

      The soldiers of love will continue, and more people will learn who Michael was and not the lies the media force fed for decades.

  7. This post is so full of apage love and deep emotions, shown both in your text and photoes. I can feel that you own heart is included in this love for Michael. It is a big treasure you give to us who didn’t were at Forest Lawn in person 25 june. And thank you so much for including my card into your beautiful post too. I am a new reader of your blog, and I look so forward to read many more of your posts before this one (and to follow your new posts in the future)! From Norway.

    1. I have been doing this for Michael Jackson fans around the world for 10 years. It’s a giant love fest and a wonderful way to spend 4 days. Your card was lovely and I’m happy to have you following now, Elin. With love from Los Angeles.

  8. Wow, this is so filled with love. The stories are beyond touching and the photographs speak volumes. Thank you Hannah.

  9. Mi corazón se ha llenado de amor al leerte y ver tu recopilación de esos días maravillosos en los que ha quedado patente cuanto amamos a Michael. Gracias ❤️❤️

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