Lights, camera, fiction! Leaving Neverland Has Been Derailed

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Michael Jackson’s 1982 Thriller Album


Lights, camera, fiction!

Leaving Neverland is anti-Michael Jackson programming at its zenith, a clearly fraudulent movie that is collapsing daily—even hourly as journalists, activists, and writers such as Keya Morgan, Mike Smallcomb, Charles Thomson, Kerry Ward, Raven Woods and John Ziegler fire more cannonballs and Reeds’ ship continues to sink.  We continue debunking everything from its major plot points to its minute details.

Leaving Neverland was never about what truly happened at Neverland Ranch or about alleged victims of sexual abuse. It was meant as a smear campaign against Michael Jackson. And as the movie’s credibility continues to fall apart, I’m left with so many questions… Like, why is the U.K. press covering director Dan Reed’s faux pas but the U.S. media is ignoring the whole ordeal? Why hasn’t Oprah, who publicly promoted the film, made a public statement about the lies that have since been uncovered since it opened? Who supported this movie? Who financed it?

Defending Michael Jackson doesn’t make you crazy and stating tabloid headlines doesn’t make you woke either. The story of Leaving Neverland is a painted upon, crazy canvas of lies, frauds, and players with an agenda. The movie itself is a plot to bring down the world’s greatest entertainer ever.

And you shouldn’t buy it—I would know.

I watched my mother be abused by her second husband for five years on weekends from the ages of nine to fourteen until she ended up in intensive care at UCLA with brain damage. She has spent thirty-nine years of her life in aging facilities. That’s a fact.

As someone who has a background with abuse, I resent the lies meant to pull on our hearts with the end goal of a financial payoff. I’m also a photojournalist. To document my father’s survival of eight Nazi forced labor camps during the Holocaust, I spent more than eight years on and off conducting research. Reed said he did three weeks of research for Leaving Neverland. I know it takes more time than that.

So, unlike the movie, let’s get some facts straight:

1) Wade Robson insisted Michael was trying to turn him against women in the movie. Meanwhile, Robson asked Michael to properly introduce him to Michael’s niece, Brandi, after they met on a commercial for Michael. Brandi and Wade had a relationship for more than seven years, during the time Michael was allegedly abusing him. This throws off the narrative, doesn’t it?

2) Wade never stayed behind in Neverland alone with Michael while his family went to the Grand Canyon. In her 1993 deposition and during the 2005 trial, Wade’s mother testified that the whole family, including Wade, went on that trip.

3) James Safechuck’s lawsuit against the Michael Jackson estate claimed abuse from 1988-1992. But the train station where Safechuck vividly described this daily abuse didn’t even exist during that time period. Dan Reed admitted days ago that Safechuck committed perjury because the train station only acquired permits for construction in 1993 before opening for use in 1994.

So Robson and Safechuck are not victims. They made up allegations to sue for hundreds of millions and lied repeatedly in court to try to get money. And it’s evident now that Reed has placed himself firmly in the driving seat of these allegations.

The deterioration of Michael Jackson’s reputation and well-being during the 2005 trials wasn’t enough for the media. The American federal judicial system found Michael Jackson innocent, but years later films like Leaving Neverland are still attacking him and spreading lies that he can no longer respond to because he is no longer with us.

Michael Jackson was a globally renowned black icon. He broke barriers between racism and religion and was a true humanitarian. As I wrote in January, try as some people might to put another nail in Michaels coffin, his dedicated fans and followers know the truth: Michael was a kindhearted man.

Michael Jackson was a fan of P.T. Barnum and believed he was put here to entertain and the show must go on. This movie is a three-ring circus and the show must not go on. This house of cards is falling down.

The Dalai Lama recently said: “We have to learn how to use our time properly. It’s important to make our lives meaningful. Bullying and cheating others may give a short-term return, but leaves a nagging sense of unease. Money doesn’t yield real satisfaction, whereas compassion does.”

I’m going with the Dalai Lama and the compassion that Michael Jackson showed us while he was on this planet. We need more compassionate hearts, not people getting on board a train of lies.

Michael Jackson had a soft heart in a cruel world. Like him, I will continue to stand up for what I believe in, as I have for the past ten years. Even if it’s not always popular, it is the only truth in my heart.

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I am passionate about photography & have been making photos since I was a little girl. I have been a stunt woman for twenty five years. I have a passion for exploration, discovery, and escape. I dream of every place I seek to travel to. A recovering adrenaline junkie, I seek authenticity in everyday experiences. I love Kundalini Yoga,travel, books,writing and authentic, real experiences and people. I brake for squirrels. Que le vaya bien! View all posts by hannahkozak

16 responses to “Lights, camera, fiction! Leaving Neverland Has Been Derailed

  • Jo Donegan

    A clear and beautifully worded mini-expose, Hannah. The defamation and allegations engineered in Leaving Neverland have more holes than a string vest.
    I pray that Michael is vindicated of these vicious lies, and the three collaborators face appropriate criminal charges. Not least Perjury for both Robson and Safechuck.
    Reed should be charged with defamation and sued by The Estate accordingly.
    Thank you for your words 🙏❤️🙏

  • Jolanta Czajerek

    Thank you Hannah, I agree with all your words and I hope that the stories of these liars will be completely torpedoed. I am looking forward to the film by Marcos Cabota, Taj, LaVelle Smith Jr., which point by point will show fiction, in a documentary, D. Reed.

  • Georgie Scarpato

    Thank you, Hannah! You’ve clearly presented the facts with the authenticity they deserve. We live in a country where greed and propaganda sit high upon the totem pole. It is especially disheartening when one can no longer defend themselves. This is our new reality… where you can destroy anyone with deceit and tall tales and everyone jumps on the bandwagon because it’s easier to believe made up garbage than to seek the truth! We see this every day in our current political atmosphere. Michael Jackson wasn’t perfect in his innocent, childlike approach to life, but it was that same childlike innocence that made him the beautiful soul he was…..totally incapable of hurting a child in any way! This man had nothing but pure, innocent love in his heart. So before you become all frenzied in the media’s epidemic of slander and fairytales, take a walk on the other side, where truth, facts and documentation are the actual reality being hidden in every crevice where there is no money to be made and no fame to be garnered…..only vindication, respect and the purity of humans like MJ. Hannah, your devotion to bringing the facts to light is appreciated. You are that compassionate someone, leading the way against corruption in a scarred country. And the truth shall set us free!

  • Siren

    Thank you, Hannah. I have such respect for you in your willingness to go where others fear. Regardless of how a person might feel about Michael Jackson, or their opinion of his innocence or guilt, if we are unable to see how fundamentally wrong it is to be able to make accusations about someone with absolutely no legal accountability whatsoever, then we are setting a precedence for a very volatile and dangerous situation for all of us. The people featured in this film have had their claims brought before a court and were dismissed due to blatant lies, and overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Currently, there are no laws to protect deceased individuals from defamation, so regardless of what the justice system says about these false claims, there is nothing in place to hold these people liable for slander, as would be the case if Michael Jackson were alive today. This film is 4 hours of emotional manipulation, repetition, and descriptive image painting which intentionally traumatizes viewers in order to convince them of their story without having to back it up with evidence or proof of any kind, as is required in a court of law. Beyond that, there are proven outright lies, as you have mentioned in your article here. The people involved in this film are relying on the ignorance of the general public who have little to no knowledge of the actual facts surrounding this story. Anyone who willfully accepts the claims made in this movie, without even taking the time to research the facts and find out the truth, are directly supporting the violation of human rights and journalistic corruption. I appreciate your voice, Hannah. Thank you for speaking out for Truth.

    • hannahkozak

      I have no choice but to stand up to injustice. From the Holocaust to domestic violence, to what the media did, and continues to do to Michael Jackson, it’s wrong. We must fight this insanity before it’s too late. I will continue to speak out against this violation of human rights. Thank you for taking the time to read and share.

  • Anthony vassell

    Well put x so true x wrong will never conquere right.. the Mockamentury ship is sinking fast .

  • Marijke

    Hello Hannah, Thank you So much for expressing what I am trying to explain to other people. Michael was a wonderful person with a big heart. And to see his legacy, as person and as artist under attack with lies, is more then I could accept. I have Some idea’s why this all happens, but the important thing is that the truth will come out. It has been a hard journey for him while he was alive, he deserves to rest and that his family can move on. Also for other victims who never have their voices heard, it is unfair at least to believe these people who only want a paycheck.
    Thank you So much, Marijke, Belgium

  • Vesela

    Thank you, Hannah, for speaking the truth… Michael has always been innosent and I believe deeply in my heart that this nightmare will end up in his vindication once more…. we need to be strong and to keep fighting for him! Michael’s legacy has so much more power and importance for the world than the lies of those 2 scumbags…eventually everyone will see their true faces! Keep The Faith In Michael❣❣❣


    Dziękuję Hannah, bardzo dobry tekst. Tylu ludzi wątpi w niewinność Michaela. Ale prawda jest jedna…

  • Samantha Victoria Harper

    Another Lovely fitting Tribute to Micheal Jackson. I hope there are many more x

  • Caine

    I grew up in a broken home. Michaels music gave me something to look forward to. Most importantly his humanity gave me lessons in loving and acceptance of other people in a world where hate is more prominent. I believe thousands of not millions of others are now good people because of his influence. That’s why we will always defend him.

    • hannahkozak

      I completely understand having grown up in a broken home too. Michael’s music, heart, and humanity made him a special soul, from the beginning. I think billions of people around the globe were affected by his kindness. We will always defend him against the lies.

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