Michael Jackson’s Light Shining on Christmas

Michael Jackson’s Light Shining on Christmas”

When I pull into Forest Lawn Cemetery, I see a grand festive wreathe decorated in yellows, golds and reds. Five years and six months later, Michael Jackson is remembered, respected and honored at Forest Lawn. Dedications to him continue with Christmas trees left in his honor, complete with home made decorations.

Entrance to Forest Lawn

Entrance to Forest Lawn

People have lovingly decorated spruce, pine and fir trees and left them close to Michael’s resting spot, at Holly Terrace. Three different sizes of trees complete with wrapped gifts, tiny bulbs, sparkling tinsel, and handmade cards with candles underneath.

Christmas tree for MJ

Christmas tree for MJ

Christmas tree for MJ

Christmas tree for MJ

Christmas for MJ

Christmas for MJ

Christmas tree for MJ

Christmas tree for MJ

There is a beautiful silence on the sacred grounds. Even the trees seem to understand that G-d is closest to those with broken hearts. There is a Jewish proverb: Do not be wise in words, be wise in deeds. And indeed, Michael walked his walk. He didn’t have to tell others how he helped those less fortunate; he just did. He was a spiritual force that touched billions of souls. When I visited Neverland, I saw the special hospital beds for sick and dying children that Michael had built into the walls of the movie screening room. He was that committed to helping the children. Our culture is obsessed with sex and it’s the cynics that made something pure and innocent, into something evil. I was witness to the opposite.

Forest Lawn tree

Forest Lawn tree

Christmas tree for MJ

Christmas tree for MJ

Forest Lawn for MJ

Forest Lawn for MJ

I wonder if he knew how much light he brought into our world? Does he know how bright his light continues to shine? Michael spread light and was the embodiment of love and yet his loneliness never broke his spirit. As I quietly sit, reflecting on how Michael wanted to heal the world, I am struck by the light streaming through the trees at Holly Terrace. And there is my answer. Michael Jackson’s light touched every corner of the world. A golden reflection of light, lighting in every direction: south, north, east and west. “Heal the World” he sang. If we all cry at the same time, maybe we can.

@ hannah kozak

MJ at Forest Lawn Cemetery

“He’s not afraid to look at the worst suffering and find the smallest part that’s positive and beautiful.” – Frank Dileo of Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson’s Light Shining on Christmas”


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33 responses to “Michael Jackson’s Light Shining on Christmas

  • Jolanta Czajerek

    His light will shine on forever, because it is pure as his heart, as a tear ❤ From Poland

  • Silvily

    A lovely post and pictures, Hannah. Michael’s light is surely shining strongly for those whose hearts can see it.

  • Thomas, Silvily Kessler

    Sorry I missed you when you were at Forest Lawn, I was there a number of times over Christmas. Isn’t the serenity absolutely wonderful those rare moments when you can be there alone?

    I wanted to share a few of my pictures of when I was there too – thought you might like them.

    L.O.V.E., Silvily

    PS, the last one isn’t mine, Jody La took it – it is so perfect! ________________________________

  • Nena Snezana Akhtar

    Thank you so much for this lovely post and wonderful pictures dear Hannah! Michael´s Light will shining forever! I feel the magic and energy….
    Forever loved!

    Love and hugs from Nena &
    MJ´s LEGACY e.V. – The Michael Jackson Memorial Munich Team

  • Linda Forster

    I hope to visit there one day. I feel so far away in Australia. Miss him more every day!!

  • MrMisu Mihai

    is so emotion what i see….

  • Poppy Wu

    Perhaps he doesn’t know how much light he brought into our world, that because he was always selfless and humble and giving…
    But we know, that the people of the world all know…
    We are bathed in the light of his, from the past, now and into the future… always was, always will be…
    And thanks Hannah, your words and pictures, is also the light of LOVE, deeply warmed my heart… (love you, hug you…)

    L.O.V.E., Poppy ❤

    • hannahkozak

      My dear Poppy, We are all bathed in his beautiful light. It’s always nice to hear from you, my friend. I hope to see you again this year. Love you and big hugs to you.
      L.O.V.E. hannah

  • Sophie

    Thank you so much, dear Hannah, for these wonderful photos and text! It’s so touching to see all these lovely gifts for Michael, it brought tears to my eyes! I really love the way you write about him! From Germany ❤
    Much love to you,
    Sophie ❤

  • Waldtraut Biedermann-Finger

    Dear Hannah, from the bottom of my heart, I say thank you for your loving post with the gorgeous photos of this quiet, peaceful, sacred place, which radiates so much love for Michael. Since I was there for the first time, in August 2013, I long to return, and when I look at your beautiful photos, a wistful smile creeps up on my face.
    ❤ LOVE ❤

    • hannahkozak

      Dear Waldtraut, You are welcome. I go every year so I can share my photos and thoughts with people who cannot travel to see the beauty in person. I hope I can see you next time you visit. ❤💕LOVE to you. Hannah

  • Aishani Chand Mj

    I really love this blog ❤ … Michael is my eternal love :* From India

  • Yoly

    So touching to seeing all these pictures of Forest Lawn. His love will be with us and so are our love to him … this will be forever. From Hong Kong.

  • Maria Pacor

    Thank you Hannah for sharing your words and your wonderful Photos with us fans who don`t have the opportunity to visit him . He brought much light in my life over 40 years . I am grateful to everyone who cares and defend him .
    it was also very interesting and touching to read about your experiences with your Mother . And i admire your photos .

    L.O.V.E from Sweden

    • hannahkozak

      Dear Maria, You are welcome. I know there are so many fans who don’t have the opportunity to fly into Los Angeles and see the beauty in person.
      I am happy I can share with people like you around the world! I am also grateful for everyone who takes the time to defend and cares about Michael.
      Thank you for reading about my mother as well. Thank you.
      L.O.V.E. from Los Angeles.

  • corlista1

    What beautiful pictures of the love shared for our precious angel. I have only been to HT in June; how lovely it would be to be there at Christmas in the quiet of December. Thank you for your words. I cannot help but still miss him every day….

  • Chantal

    So touching words and wonderful photos ! We can feel Michael’s light …
    Thank you Hannah
    L.O.V.E from France

  • cynthia marinelli

    Hannah, thank you for capturing this moment in time. Michael surely would have loved all the trees and decorations. His legacy continues in that constant reminder of how uncommon he was in a world filled with so much negativity. There are so many people today, including celebrities who talk the talk but do not walk the walk. They will never be able to say that about Michael. He just did what needed be done and he got a lot done. He was always that way and that’s why he was so successful. I love the photos you took Hannah, they really capture the calmness and beauty at Michael ‘ s current home. We are all thankful. Much love!

  • Lia Oliveira

    Beautiful dear Hannah ❤
    Much ❤ from Portugal

  • Susie Deeds

    Breathtakingly Beautiful~

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