The Next: Emerging LA Artists at Perfect Exposure Gallery

I met Aline Smithson when I wrote to her at Lenscratch late in 2011. My Forgiveness and Compassion series was featured on her blogzine, I enrolled in Aline’s Next Step One class at Julia Dean Workshops where I met other photographers whom Aline has guided with a roadmap on how to create a fine arts photography career.

On Thursday, November 15, 2012 the reception for The Next: Emerging LA Artists at The Perfect Exposure Gallery in Los Angeles showed a mix of established and new photographers, some showing work the first time. The opening last night was a celebration of art, photography, friendship, and love in Los Angeles.

From portraits to nudes, each photographer featured in the show have studied under the tutelage of Aline Smithson who teaches a three part course called The Next Step at the Julia Dean Workshops. Julia Dean, a passionate photographer and teacher,  studied under Berenice Abbott, the photographer who was part of the straight photography movement.

Aline Smithson is a photographer, educator, and reviewer. She writes and edits the blogzine Lenscratch, has been the Gallery editor for Light Leaks Magazine and has curated exhibitions for many galleries and online magazines. But most importantly, Aline has created a community for us with her caring, non-competitive spirit and giant heart. Aline has created a tight knit family of photographers that lean on each other for advice, questions, help and commitment to helping each other grow as artists.

Armando Arorizo – Perfect Exposure Gallery owner

Jodi Champagne

Lori Pond

Patty Lemke

Rina Shapira

Sandra Klein

Susan Swihart

Allison Turner

Cindy Bendat

Savannah Johnson

Aline Smithson’s The Lonesome Doll

hannah kozak, Los Angeles Sky

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One response to “The Next: Emerging LA Artists at Perfect Exposure Gallery

  • Hanna from Poland

    Thank you Hannah for your post… it’s fascinating to be with you there, in the exhibition… maybe some day in the real not by way of the blog only…

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