Olivia – missing in Guatemala

I started traveling with Olivia, who is at home anywhere she goes, on a journey to Guatemala two years ago. She’s as happy eating frijoles negros overlooking the three volcanos on Lake Atitlan as she is playing with children in a cemetery in La Paz, Bolivia. She climbed Masada in the Sinai desert of Israel and has eaten fresh parmigiano cheese with a glass of Malbec in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Here’s Olivia in Guatemala two years ago at Iglesia de San Francisco, Antigua. As you can see, she was newly adopted and happy. Very happy.

Olivia in Iglesia de San Francisco - Feb 2010

Here’s Olivia in a favorite restaurant in Buenos Aires, Argentina:

Olivia in a favorite restaurant in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Olivia recently at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala with her friend Sharky, Smiley and Olivia the artist – her alter ego:

Olivia the artist, Smiley, Olivia and Sharky at Hotel Aaculaax – Lake Atitlan

On a recent trip to Guatemala, Olivia disappeared. One moment she was having dinner with us in Antigua, a favorite colonial city and the next moment, gone. Nothing. Nada. I’ve tried to make sense of it all. Why, why, why? One moment we were watching the procession in Antigua filled with purple gowns and feeling fervent devotion. The next moment we were enjoying a bowl of chocolate and vanilla ice cream at a goikey hotel. Then the pain in my stomach and the realization she was missing. I tried not to panic as my friend and I quickly walked up and down the cobblestone streets we took the evening before searching for her. Still no sight of Olivia.

Here’s some recent photos of Olivia loving Guatemala. Olivia has no fear, which makes traveling with her a pleasure. She’s alway choosing the higher vibrational energy of love over the force of fear.

Olivia on 4a. Calle Oriente in Antigua, Guatemala

Olivia lounging at Joyce Maynard’s home at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Olivia on a favorite chair at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Olivia reading Ann Hood’s famous essay

Olivia getting free wi-fi at Paco Real Hotel at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Olivia at a favorite spot on Lake Atitlan

Olivia in front of her favorite volcano at Lake Atitlan

Here is the last photo taken of Olivia in Antigua. Notice the look of happiness on her face. I always loved traveling with Olivia as she has no fear.

Olivia on Calle 4 in Antigua on March 11, 2012

If anyone has any information about her, please let me know. No questions asked.

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I am passionate about photography & have been making photos since I was a little girl. I have been a stunt woman for twenty five years. I have a passion for exploration, discovery, and escape. I dream of every place I seek to travel to. A recovering adrenaline junkie, I seek authenticity in everyday experiences. I love Kundalini Yoga,travel, books,writing and authentic, real experiences and people. I brake for squirrels. Que le vaya bien! View all posts by hannahkozak

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