Anne Troutman at Harris & Ruble Nov 5 – Dec 7, 2011

Anne Troutman’s Condition of the Waters will be at Harris & Ruble Art from November 5 – December 7, 2011. The proprietors, Marcella Ruble and Alan Harris, purchased the 1937 Art Deco historically significant building at the intersection of Santa Monica and Cole, originally for their law practice.

In August 2010 Ms. Ruble and Alan Harris opened an art gallery in this building which also houses their law firm and her art studio. This gallery provides the opportunity to showcase artists whose work expresses a vision that is uniquely creative as well as executed with technical sophistication.

Anne shared with me: “Each photo-relief is assembled from informal shots taken with a digital pocket camera. However, unlike much digital photography today, there is no attempt to mask the process of their making. The final images are un-stitched, re-assembled, and physically layered. Subtle gaps, interruptions, mounds or interstices create a dimensional and dynamic surface that invokes the spatiality latent in the image as object.

The photo-reliefs are in varying states of resolve. Some flow together, smooth and coincident; others are more dissonant, misaligned, animating the opposing forces of the constructed and the natural. While my large-scale works are subtle and the smaller ones more pronounced, both suggest the constructed nature of perception and the physicality of visual experience. However, unlike the seamless digitally-stitched typologies such as the work of German photographer Andreas Gursky, I challenge the two-dimensional nature of the photograph by un-stitching, re-assembling, and physically layering fragments of a single photograph, to suggest depth and a sculptural quality to my subjects.”

Blue Air II

Blue Air VI

Blue Air IV

Blue Air V

Blue Air III

Blue Air I

Blue Air Triptych

Nothing Lost or Forgotten

Troutman gathered images from the past year from her snapshots of various bodies of water, rivers & streams, salt ponds and lakes, oceans and seas, an Olympic swimming pool to summon a synaesthetic, intimate and poetic world.

Anne is a an artist and former professor of architecture at Southern California Institute of Architecture and Chair of Environmental Art at Santa Monica College of Design Art & Architecture. She was a research scholar at UCLA Center for the Study of Women, worked in the Scholars Program at the Getty Research Institute and has published essays on spatial culture and history with a focus on the history of the boudoir and modernist spatial erotics.

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