Justice has been served for Michael Jackson on November 7, 2011

Michael Jackson died on June 25, 2009 from acute propofol poisoning, while billions of people around the world cried, sharing their grief and anguish with each other and in the silence of their solitude.  The day we have been waiting for over 2 years is here as the fans at the courthouse patiently waited with their hand made signs.

Myra is from Denmark. She came for the 1st two weeks of the trial, went home to work and returned for the verdict. “It’s up to us now” she said. “Michael is important to us.”

Myra from Denmark

Joana from Hollywood has been at the trial every day for 6 weeks. “My nerves have been shot and my stomach hurts but I am here for Michael.”

Joana from Hollywood

Laura from Bologna, Italy. “I have been here at the courthouse for 2 weeks. Michael deserves people from all over the world to be here in support of him. “

Laura from Bologna, Italy

Rita from Oklahoma was here for the first week of the trial, went home and is back looking for a place to live in Los Angeles. “We are Michael’s legacy of love, we will carry his message the rest of our lives. That is justice for Michael. When he died, it hit me in the gut and I lost my appetite for 9 months. I experienced divine love that I  have never known before. I was minding my own life and was consumed by this ephiphany. It’s not celebrity worship. We are discovering the man.”

Rita from Oklahoma

Cami is 21 years old and has loved Michael Jackson since she was a little girl. She came out today in support of Michael because she loves him.

Cami from Los Angeles

Jake Byrd

When the guilt verdict was announced today, La Toya Jackson let out a loud but short scream as there were cheers, hugs, tears and people chanting “justice, justice, justice” as we waited for the Jackson family to exit the court house they’ve become all too familiar with.

Jermaine, Randy Jackson

Jermaine Jackson

La Toya Jackson

Rebbie Jackson

Officer Ramirez

Michael’s message of love, pure and simple, was delivered through his music.  I was hurt at work the day he died. I couldn’t quite grasp the concept of him being gone as his music has been the soundtrack to my life as far back as grade school when I would listen to Going Back To Indiana on my record player while dancing and clapping with my friend. I had a spiritual ephiphany when we lost Michael.  Like Rita, I was living my life when I began Michaeling.

Michael Jackson graced our planet with his enormous talents.  Where he connected with me deeply was his caring, compassionate other centered-heart. From the time he was a young boy, he was feeding mice behind the refrigerator until he got caught. Mice, rats, snakes, he loved all of god’s little critters.  He didn’t have a mean bone in his body. I watched interviews of him at Hayvenhurst during the Thriller era. He must have said the word magic a dozen times as his eyes sparkled with light. Michael was filled with joy, light, love, laughter with the innocence of a young child. As his magical music climbed the charts and he broke all records, the media told fantastic lies and would eventually be part of trying to extinguish his light. Darkness always tries to snuff out light bearers.

He’s not physically with us anymore but he leaves behind a legacy of music and love that will be with us forever.  “This is not a crime involving a mistake of judgment. … This was a crime where the end result was the death of a human being,” Pastor said in explaining his decision to remand Murray to police custody. Justice has been served as we finally have some type of closure for the greatest entertainer that ever lived with a heart that loved so grand. Michael said:  “My message is healing, pure and simple.” Michael, we want you back.

1:02 Please watch how Michael’s presence moved children to tears:


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15 responses to “Justice has been served for Michael Jackson on November 7, 2011

  • madgesw

    Great photos. I blame everyone one of Jackson’s family members as well. They bled him dry and he became an addict. He found a doctor who was willing to give him what he asked for, for money. There are many of them out there who take advantage of young children and set their lives on a course where death is inevitable. I think we should be glad we had him for as long as we did. He was doomed from the day he was born. His parents didn’t protect him and he in turn didn’t learn how to protect himself. So very sad.

  • Alexandra Reitz

    Dr dead in handcuffs beautiful sight…..Thanks awesome fans from around the world ..
    we will celebrate all the day this awesome victory ..
    Love you all ♥ Greetings from Germany

  • Joanna Ramos

    Thank you!!
    You’re awesome!!

  • Bonnie

    We did it! This blog says it all. I’m glad you were there Hannah. These photos are phenomenal. Your words so true. I miss Michael so much and hope he’s looking down on us all smiling and proud. Thank you Hannah for everything you do. God Bless you and all of Michael’s fans. 🙂 – Love, Bonnie

  • Uli Weller

    Dear Hannah….when I heard and saw the verdict LIVE on CNN …I CRIED…tears of you….finally JUSTICE after 2 years ! Thanks that you was there the whole time…Michael is watching us and he’s there always…R.I.P Michael and UNITED WE STAND..we’ll spread his word because we are his Army of Love and he’s proud of us. So keep his legacy alive and I’m a part of it….thank you Michael and thank you Hannah….GOD BLESS YOU..Dear greetings from Germany ULI

  • Chrisdina Fries

    Justice win but I feel sadness in my heart too.
    I watched the whole time what was possible for me live what is going on. Last Friday Mr. Walgren made a amazing and true statement, yesterday the jury find him guilty. But in the same time I was crying because I felt so much that he could live with his kids and his family when he hadnt trust Dr. Conrad Murray. I heard the short scream and thought my gosh how much heartpain can a mother or a whole family hold out. I prayed the whole time for justice, and now we look to the end of novembre. But I pray really harder that Michael look on earth and see how much he IS beloved. Now we must send our positive energie out in the whole world and make Michaels wish for peace true. I believe from my deep heart that is possible. Come on people make that change now and begin with love, we must love each other. The children and animals, the nature and all the people are one and must protect!!! Hannah I send you so big lovefull hugs that you make it here possible to write our emotion. God bless you and i cant wait to come at america:-))))) Dina from Germany



  • Nena Snezana Akhtar

    Dear Hannah,

    Finally JUSTICE after 2 years !!!! Thank GOD!

    THANK you Michael, THANK you Hannah and THANK all Fans and Friends around the world! I am so proud of all of you!

    Dear greetings from MJ Memorial Team Munich/Germany


    Nena Snezana Akhtar


  • Elin

    Hannah, thank you for such BEAUTIFUL ,TRUTHFUL , AND HEARTFELT WORDS ABOUT MICHAEL., which of course we, the fans from all over the world, share… I also want to thank the fans present at court everyday (since the ones who live abroad -like me- couldn’t make it. Although we were present there in spirit, “glued” to our PC, following “everything” and sending our messages of support for Michael through the internet). Also thanks for all those beautiful banners and signs, with heartfelt messages to Michael and his family, from all over the world… messages which we of course also share… I think that this “guilty veredict for involuntary manslaughter” should be regarded only as the THE FIRST STEP of a longer process for getting “TRUE JUSTICE” for Michael…. (since Murray serving ONLY 4 YEARS IN JAIL IS NOT TRUE JUSTICE -let alone probation or a home serving sentence-). Besides… there still remain a lot of questions to be answered (http://www.rajahasan.co.uk/michaeljacksonmurder.htm). So, nonetheless MJ WORLDWIDE FANFAMILY should let themselves taste the sweetness of this first success of “THIS FIRST BATTLE”and celebrate it -battle which by the way, in my opinion, was won thanks to “our worldwide joint efforts”, and to “the pressure” we exerted on worldwide media through: our “continuous and persistent” actions, demandings, spreading the truth, making petitions and campaigns, sending e-mails and letters “everywhere”, etc.- they SHOULD ALSO STAY ON ALERT and GO ON “WORKING” until “TRUE JUSTICE” FOR MICHAEL JACKSON HAS BEEN ACHIEVED!! Finally, I think the last and ENDLESS part of this process should be keeping Michael’s legacy alive, and carrying on Michael’s work… “to make that GREAT change”… and “heal the world”… Love from Argentina. ♥ ♥♥ ♥

    • hannahkozak

      Hello Elin,
      I wanted to take the time to thank you for reading my blog.
      I, like you, am on a mission to help vindicate Michael Jackson’s name. We are all his soldiers of love and messengers of his heart. As Michael wrote in “We’ve Had Enough”
      “There’s nothing that can’t be done
      if we raise our voice as one.”

      I have met so many beautiful people from around the world and what this continues to show me is how deeply Michael’s heart touched people all over our planet.

      We all have done and continue to do our part in spreading the word about who the man really was and yes, we did it together, all of us.

      I was in Argentina this year for the first time and I fell in love with your beautiful country. I hope to return next year. I’d love to meet you in person, Elin.
      Are you on Facebook?

      Love from California.


  • Amaya

    Querida Hannah, quiero darte las gracias por este fantástico blog que has dedicado a Michael con tanto cariño y con tremendas fotos de los fans en la corte, es el mejor testimonio fotográfico que he visto.
    Que inmensa alegría sentí ayer cuando por fín escuche la tan esperada sentencia …. CULPABLE !! gracias a dios se ha hecho justicia, las imágenes del doctor muerte con las esposas puestas me han llenado de alegría, debe estar donde se merece, en la carcel, por habernos quitado para siempre a nuestro querido Michael, la persona mas maravillosa y única que ha pisado esta tierra.
    Michael … allí donde estés … jamás estarás solo, eres nuestro angel, nunca te podremos olvidar.
    Gracias por tu música, por tu talento, por ser tan especial y desde luego por ser tan humano y buena gente.

    • hannahkozak

      Que linda eras sus palabras de su corazon. Muchas gracias por todos sus complementos de mis fotos. No puedes imaginar como sentir ayer cuando oye el palabra culpable. Finalmente hay justicia para Michael, su familia y nosotros también. Michael Jackson era una persona que podria tocar los corazones de personas del todo el mundo. Era tan precioso y nunca voy olvidarlo en mi vida.

      Tenemos en común nuestro amor por Michael y estoy encantada porque gracias a él he conocido a personas maravillosas como tú. Un abrazo fuerte para ti allí en españa de aquí en California.

  • Tiffany B

    Love your coverage of this historical event! Your photography is outstanding and as always, you captured the essence of the family and fans!!

  • Rita Bosico

    Nice to meet you on verdict day.
    Seems we have the same mission and I felt truly understood.

    Keep up the good work!

    Rita Bosico

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