The love for Michael Jackson continues

Michael Jackson would have been fifty-three years old today. As I entered the black ornate gates at the entrance of Forest Lawn Mortuary in Glendale, I was, as all the times before, struck by the silence on the grounds.  I made my way past the white statue of a woman surrounded by a small pond and lily pads, past frescoes, and the green, manicured lawn.With the smell of pine trees all around, I head up the familiar winding road to the sign leading me to the massive marble and concrete mausoleum that displays the Last Supper window, a life-size stained-glass re-creation of Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece. In the distance are rows of California palm trees before I make my way to Holly Terrace.

Holly Terrace

A gentle breeze makes it a perfect Southern California day.  Forest Lawn has now set up a booth selling Michael’s favorite flower, sunflowers. Michael called them “the happy flower” because they looked happy to him and they made him happy. You can also buy red roses and assorted flowers because of the steady flow of visitors they’ve experienced since Michael was entombed here on September 3, 2009.

From the amount of sunflowers, roses, handmade cards, handmade candles, pictures in frames, one would think he would have just left us but it’s been two years, two months and four days since he left his physical body.

candles for Michael

card for Michael

M I C H A E L – flags from U.K.

handmade card for MJ

card from 5 & 9 year old children

card for MJ

card for MJ

cards & sun flowers from Japan

Letter to MJ saying “it’s been 733 days, 4 hours, 8 minutes since I heard the tragic news”

card for MJ

card for MJ

card for MJ

Piece of birthday cake with “Michael 53”

As I was kneeling down picking up beautiful homemade cards that looked as if each and every one took hours to make, I noticed a woman with six bags of cards & gifts. She has created a group called Sunflowers for Michael, whose sole purpose is to keep fresh flowers by his resting place forever.  Loving, devoted fans from all over the world send cards, banners and flowers to her on the anniversary of his death, his birthday and Christmas.  She has set up a post office box where you can donate as little as $10. Her dedication and hard work is inspiring. You can mail Sandy at:

I met Nena Znezana Akhtar, who came all the way to Los Angeles from Germany. She planned this sojourn with her husband and two children; Ilyas aged eight & Chalisa,ten. Nena said “I stay here completely two weeks just for Michael and one friend comes. She also Michael fan. We go to Neverland, Encino Hayvenhurst, Carolwood Drive, last house, Grammy Museum, Walk of Fame, Beverly Hills Hotel – he stayed there. I take a leaf from here (as she reached for a leaf from a nearby bush) and from Neverland. Here are my handmade cards.” As tears rolled down my face, I thanked her.

Nena Snezana Akhtar from Germany

Nena Snezana Akhtar’s group MJ’s Legacy in Germany made this sign

Nena Snezan Akhtar hand made card

I left Forest Lawn only to arrive home to find out Michael’s brother Randy was going to be there towards the end of the day. I felt so inspired after seeing all that Sandy and Nena do that a drive back on the Ventura freeway seemed like nothing at all so I could share my photos with MJ fans around the globe.

Randy Jackson – Michael’s little brother

Randy Jackson

Randy Jackson

Randy Jackson

Michael faced many headwinds in his life but he persevered no matter what. He always said it was all for love and his legions of fans are testament to the love he shared with his caring, compassionate, non judgmental heart. Their dedication and love for him moves me to tears and part of my mission is to help show who he was. As all great artists do, Michael gave us the gift of his soul.  He was divinely connected to something bigger than himself and understood the power of love. G-d bless all the people that are fighting for justice for Michael and doing their part to spread the word about who this man was, a gift from G-d.

I still haven’t located an original copy of Michael’s out of print book, Dancing the Dream but in the title page I hear is a favorite quote of Michael’s.

“If you enter the world knowing you are loved and leave the world knowing the same, then everything that happens in between can be dealt with.”

One of MJ’s fans painted this picture. It sparkles in the sunlight.

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I am passionate about photography & have been making photos since I was a little girl. I have been a stunt woman for twenty five years. I have a passion for exploration, discovery, and escape. I dream of every place I seek to travel to. A recovering adrenaline junkie, I seek authenticity in everyday experiences. I love Kundalini Yoga,travel, books,writing and authentic, real experiences and people. I brake for squirrels. Que le vaya bien! View all posts by hannahkozak

37 responses to “The love for Michael Jackson continues

  • Nena Snezana Akhtar

    Dear Hannah, I am so happy to meet you today on the Tribute for Michael Jacksons 53th Birthday in Forest Lawn. Thank you for your great job and your LOVE for the most beautiful angel ever lives – Michael Jackson.
    We love him forever most!
    LOVE from heart to you my dear sister * GOD bless you
    Nena Snezana Akhtar
    MJ´S LEGACY Association International (Munich/Germany /FB PAGE)
    Denkmal-fuer-Michael-Jackson (FB PAGE)

  • Sam

    Hannah beautifully written as always. Thankyou
    For sharing xx

  • madgesw

    I never could understand this fascination with MJ or with anyone else for that matter that I would visit their grave and make elaborate cards or bring gifts. I see it as Idol worship and very intense for those people. Loving someone so much that you never met or loved you back in a real way seems like somewhat cultist to me. It works for others. I love the photos Hannah.

    • hannahkozak

      Michael Jackson connected with billions all over the planet through his heart. The connection was and is all about love. You are free to view it as cultish! No worries from my end. Michael Jackson loved in a way that not everyone could understand with their head. A true boddhisatva, he loved all. Take care Madge.

    • cynthia kates

      @madgesw, Perception is really important here, but regardless of the perception, this blog was meant to commemorate and show appreciation to a specific person who you can clearly “understand” touched many lives. The thoughtfulness of this blog was intended to reach people that may feel the same way and not be able to share at the grave site which is something I am sure you have done for a relative etc. There is no need to clearly point out that you dont get it as it was intended to be a thoughtful piece and many people as you noted spent a great deal of time to show appreciation on this day. I have never met Jesus of Nazareth who walked on earth and was a man, but I have great admiration and would love to visit much of the middle east to see where he lived and died. Hannah has had this great pleasure and I am glad she shared with me and everyone else. Im sure when you were young in school you made cards for presidents day to commemorate those presidents and events surrounding our nations history etc so I think if you think back, you might be able to understand this type of appreciation that you perceive as idol worship. I think there is a sadness though when I read what you wrote to see that you maybe dont have something or someone that has touched you in that way. Michael was about love and if you can take one thing from this blog, I would hope that you might see that he brought a great deal of happiness to people that he never even met. If you cant get that, it would be nice if you could just be gracious with your comments for a blog that is a memorial to a real humans life and death. I think you would probably want the same courtesy for yourself or a family member.

  • madgesw

    I should mention my connections are ones that are real and live and not imagined in my head.

    • hannahkozak

      Everyone there has real connections with family and friends. MJ had an ability to connect to people through his music. He was all about heart, connection, compassion and love.Watch a concert clip of Michael’s where 100’s of thousands of people are singing in unison and ask each one if it was real.It was real and I’m in good company; the company of L.O.V.E. Blessings and love to you Madge.

  • Bonnie

    Hannah, what a beautiful day you experienced. I love all the great picture’s of gifts left by fans. There were some awesome posters and cards too. That’s so sweet you got to meet Randy as well. Thank you for posting this Hannah. I enjoyed it thoroughly.
    – Love,

  • Steve Ferry

    Cultish, schmultish.. Rudolph Valentino had fresh flowers at his gravesite for over 50 years, and he only left us films, not real attempts at changing the way we look at the world. Michael did that… in a number of ways. Celebrating his life is honoring the good that he brought us all through his music and his attempts to make the world a better place. If loving this beautiful planet and the people on it is a cult, sign me up… I’ll join. Awesome photos Hanna… Keep those love fires stoked!!!

  • Bonnie

    madgesw: Everyone is different. It doesn’t matter whether you can ‘understand’ our love for Michael or not, what matters is that we all respect each others feelings and not look ‘down’ upon anyone or question them for what they feel. I’m very lucky, because this is what Michael’s legacy taught me. To ‘respect’ one another. I didn’t need to ‘meet’ Michael to learn by his example and I’m a better person for it. 🙂 -Love, Bonnie

  • cynthia kates

    Hannah, I love this blog. I love that you are able to take your time and give back. The fact that you feel compelled to do this, tells me a great deal about you. Your photos of Randy are great as it is always nice to see a familiar smile. I love seeing the people from around the world taking time to show appreciation and fill the world with kindness which for humans is all to easy to forget. I know Michael would love this too. It is from the heart and he always loves things that are from the heart. My honey received a letter from him one time that was so cute because it was from the heart. I contained run-on after run-on, but it was way better than anything you would normally get from a record label or a publicist office. You are always from the heart Hannah and it’s all for L.O.V.E. xoxo

  • Christine

    I am part of the “Sunflowers for Michael” group since the beginning and I wonder if the pictures inside Holly Terrace are “photoshopped” or not ??? I have seen Sandy’s flowers but never inside !
    Thank you for posting this

  • vema

    OMG – my heart beats like mad with pleasure! I see my collage in Forest Lawn!!! One of my friends has taken it with her to LA… I am so happy! Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures.
    V.M., Germany

  • Birgit

    Thank you for the blog and the great pictures, Hannah! Have you tried ordering Dancing the Dream from Amazon.UK? That’s where got my copy from (then shipped to the US). Of course, that was in December. Hope you find it- it’s amazing!

  • speechlessoneCarla HIbberd

    Thank you Hannah so much for these wonderful words and pictures that are so needed for fans that cannot be in the US or to take our cards and Love ourselves. My cards did not reach US in time for June 25th which disappointed me but the love that is Michael’s fans ensured via a number of hands that my cards were with Michael for Aug 29th. It means so much to myself and my family to see photos of our cards and flags from Michaels page UK loves MJ there with Michael, so again thank you so much for the photos. Carla (UK) x

  • Johanna MJfan

    Thank you so much for the pics. It makes me happy to know that Michael is remembered and loved. It’s so nice to see that the flowers and cards have been taken inside. How the heck did you get inside the crypt?

    “His legions of fans are testament to the love he shared with his caring, compassionate, non judgmental heart.” What you said here really touched me. This is the essence of Michael, isn’t it – a caring, compassionate, non-judgemental heart. He is more to me than just a singer.

    The quote “If you enter the world knowing you are loved and leave the world knowing the same, then everything that happens in between can be dealt with” is not from Dancing the Dream. He said that in a speech he delivered at Oxford. It appears in Shmuley’s book. You can download it here:

  • irene elsharkawy

    thank you so much hanna for your the pics and everything you wrote about michael,thanks irene the netherlands

  • Rita Bosico

    Your writing was so touching it made me cry…reading your observations and feelings, reading the cards and the heart-touching memories and love. It’s so touching it makes me realize all over again what a special bond there is in our heartache and celebration. To those who visited from near and far….thank you. For all the cards…keep them coming. And thanks for supporting Sandy — every week she does the most amazing job.

  • Mary Anthony

    Thank you Hannah with love from Australia xxx

  • Rodan Thompson

    Thanks hannah for posting this.. Very good photos and it was nice reading your blog and other comments by fans of Michael. A short note, I got to speak with Donnie Osmond last week and he had just the nicest things to say about Michael.. two contemporaries who worked together often when they were kids.

    Still amazing that Michael is actually gone. He sure left a grand legacy to his family and to his friends in his awesome music.

  • Billie Jean

    This is a beautiful blog about a wonderful man. Thank you for sharing your experience and memories.

  • Uli Weller

    Hello Hannah..I’m deeply touched and it shows so much..thanks for sharing..God bless you and I hope we meet us also one time…dear greetings form Germany….ULI

  • Hanna Splocharska

    Thank you Hannah for your impression… I love your blog very much.
    This is very emotional for me to watch the beautiful photos and to read your diary notes. You excited my imagination. Again I was there with you in my mind… love
    Michael… I miss you so much
    Hanna from Poland

    • hannahkozak

      hanna, it warms my heart and puts a big smile on my face knowing you enjoyed the blog. I appreciate so much being able to connect with beautiful people like you all around the globe. Michael sure knew how to spread around his heart. L.O.V.E. hannah

  • Lucia V Alfonso

    Hi, Hannah! I love your blog and your article. This is very exciting and I guess for you, be close to your body. If you saw a card angel of Michael Jackson with the song ”Speechless”. is my card :’). Thank you very much for putting this article. excuse my English is very bad.
    Michael forever in our hearts ♥
    Im from Uruguay (In South America)

  • Sophie

    Dear Hannah!
    Thank you so much for these wonderful photos and your loving words! Thank you for showing the magnificent cards and collages of the German fans. I’m also from Germany and was on Forest Lawn that day. I’m so sorry, that I missed you!!! LOVE to you from the bottom of my heart!

  • Martine Léonard

    Thank you Hannah for your blog and this magnificent text dedicated to Michaël, photos are very beautiful also.
    Michaël gave us a lot of love and we have to keep his intact soul and live our life by thinking of his being.L.O.V.E
    Martine from France

  • lcpledwards

    This is another great post, Hannah! Thank you very much for posting this!

  • Meggie

    Thank you for your beautiful pictures Hannah – seeing all the cards and flowers brought tears to my eyes. I would also like to know if you went inside the mausoleum? I didn’t know that was possible.

  • Meggie

    Oh and I forgot to say that you can buy Dancing The Dream (1991) secondhand from one of Amazon’s clients. I did this just before Michael died. I think the price has gone up since then

  • Louise


    I think your own dedication to keeping Michael’s memory and spirit alive is equally as inspiring as all of the things you appreciate others doing with the same goal in mind. With tragedy, there is always deep reflection, and it’s incredible to know that this has spurred a lot of people to act out, passionately, with love from their own hearts.


    As always, amazing photos

  • Chrisdina Fries

    Yes, I am from Cologne in Germany, and thank you that you want to hear about my feelings. I miss Michael very much, and I think every day how its possible to go in the way of love. I love to hear from all over the world that the people want to learn again the really love, the emotion love for everyone, for children, animels, our planet/nature. I learn every day something more, and I love to live as one of Michaels soldiers of love. I know that his spirit is ever with his kids, and his love to all of us will never die. Love will never die, Michael is Love, God is Love, and we all together can learn again to live together in harmony with all life on earth. I send you big big lovefull hugs, and God bless you where ever you are. your friend from germany in love Dina

  • Chrisdina Fries

    Dear Jermaine, I thank you so much for your Book, and that you share your feelings with us. I am reading it, and cry and laugh so much. You have written it with so much emotion that everybody can feel what you felt in this time. Its amazing, and I can read and read it:-) I send you so much lovefull hugs from Germany, and God bless you ever
    And Hannah thank you so much for your blog, I love to come here and its full of love. I send you lovefull hugs too, and God bless you where ever you are, Your Dina from Germany

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