Valle de las Animas, Bolivia

Valle de las Animas : the Valley of the Souls is quiet, peaceful and serene. Another unpaved road which made for a bumpy ride but it was worth it. Canyons eerily eroded with spire shaped rocks. Hundreds of peaks ranging in color from red to gray. The only sound is the quiet. Crisp, cool air with the smell of herbs surround the area.

There was a mother with her six baby pigs, friendly llamas and sheep that seemed to smile and want to be our friends.

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I am passionate about photography & have been making photos since I was a little girl. I have been a stunt woman for twenty five years. I have a passion for exploration, discovery, and escape. I dream of every place I seek to travel to. A recovering adrenaline junkie, I seek authenticity in everyday experiences. I love Kundalini Yoga,travel, books,writing and authentic, real experiences and people. I brake for squirrels. Que le vaya bien! View all posts by hannahkozak

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