La Paz Cemetary

On a return trip back from Isla Del Sol, we came upon the cemetary in La Paz by chance. Row after row of crypts with decorations from family and friends ranging from the typical red rose to momentos like toy soldiers and barbie dolls. Once the body is cremated, these spaces are rented or bought. There were many people bringing in flowers, adding water and praying in front of the glass doors.

For each wall, there are hundreds of these doors. The expansion is so massive that some places seemed like apartment buildings.

Finding the cemetary was serendipitous and a lesson in non attachment as we literally stumbled upon it because we weren’t sticking to a plan. I found it fascinating that each crypt was personalized. I’ve always found cemetaries to be morose, cookie cutter places. Maybe I will re-think cremation and being scattered in the waters of Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. Especially love the crypt with a bottle of Coke. Someone liked drinking Coke.

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