Michael Jackson wanted to sleep, Conrad Murray at the courthouse

Back to the courthouse for the fourth preliminary hearing for the trial of Conrad Murray. Katherine, Joe, brother Randy and sister Rebbie arrived around 12:30 and were there for less than an hour. There were about two dozen fans with banners for Michael demanding justice.

The question the fans keep asking: If a medical doctor used Propofol in your home on a loved one and that person died of acute Propofol poisoning, wouldn’t the doctor be held libel especially in light of the lack of a hospital setting without proper machinery. Why has the judge pushed the preliminary trial to January 4, 2011? Michael’s death has been ruled a homicide. Murray’s defense is sticking with the story that Michael woke up from an anaesthetic induced sleep – make that a coma, and gave himself the lethal injection. I’m curious why MJ would have Murray on staff at the tune of $150,000 per month if he was planning to inject himself?  This defense theory is nothing short of shocking. Why are they forgetting Murray made 47 minutes of calls on his cell phone after he found Michael yet Murray states he left the room for two minutes to relieve himself. Whose responsibility is it for Michael’s untimely death? Michael? Michael’s brain needed to be monitored so the effect of the Propofol could be watched. Even if he didn’t intend to kill Michael, the point is Michael died from too much Propofol.

Here is a medical perspective blog strictly on the topic of the impossibility of Michael being able to inject himself if you want more detailed reading on the topic:


The latest strategy is Murray’s lawyers want to challenge the autopsy by unearthing Michael and proved he died from taking pain pills. As if Michael didn’t have enough people back stabbing him when he was alive, now they are considering digging him up from his grave? Wouldn’t it be easier to admit the truth, perhaps even make an apology to the family and fans? It’s emotional abuse to be denied what you need. Especially if all you are asking for is the truth. Michael’s family and fans need to hear the truth.

Michael’s addiction to pain pills and anxiety reducing drugs was perpetuated by doctors. Some say the addiction began with his hair burning off his scalp during the 1984 Pepsi commercial. Others say it was the allegations of child abuse in 1993 in the midst of the Dangerous tour. The damage to his spine from the bridge crashing to the stage on June 29, 1999 in Munich, Germany only added to years of other injuries including another fall off the stage. The average person doesn’t have so much trauma to their body and psyche. But what does this have to do with a lethal injection of Propofol?

Here’s the facts: Murray injected Michael with Propofol. Murray admits to leaving Michael alone. Coroner declares Propofol killed Michael.

In my humble opinion, the prosecution is grabbing at low hanging fruit by charging Murray with involuntary manslaughter instead of what he committed: second degree murder. I’m not going to even get into the topic of Murray’s history of numerous law suits giving him a massive amount of money issues.

Propofol has been safely administered to millions of patients since 1989, when it was brought to the U.S. As long as someone was monitoring the patient, there were no issues. EKG, blood pressure and pulse oximeter are always present. These were not present at Michael’s bedside.This drug is rarely administered outside a hospital setting. Propofol is not an intervenous sleeping pill. The first Hippocratic oath is First Do No Harm which means Murray should not have honored Michael’s request. I checked out a bottle of Propofol. On the label it says it should be administered by an anesthesiologist. I think if you are not an anesthesiologist you shouldn’t adminster anesthesia. Anyone with me on that? Money signs before common sense = whoops. Murray’s financial troubles are documented. If Murray knew he was playing with a dangerous drug, why not have all the necessary machines available? I’m just saying. Some say Murray is greedy,unethical, and unprofessional. I personally believe Murray made a mistake. My father always taught me I have to pay for my mistakes. Who will pay for this one? Michael had Insomnia from his earliest days touring with the Jackson Five. He was under stress preparing for his first tour in over a decade. He just wanted to sleep. We’ve all heard that no one ever died from not sleeping before this tragedy. Stay tuned, more to follow.

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One response to “Michael Jackson wanted to sleep, Conrad Murray at the courthouse

  • Nina Brandt

    Maybe Murray didn’t killed Michael on purpose but what he did makes me wonder how he ever became a doctor in the first place.
    And Murray is for sure to blame that MJ is not on this planet any longer.

    So many questions are still not answered and we will never know if Murray tells the truth or he lies.
    We know he lied aboout for how long he left Michael and we know he lied about the amount of propofol in Michael’s body.
    So what else does he lie about? We probably will never know. Only Michael knows and can answer our questions truthfully but sadly he’s not here.

    I just hope Murray will be sentenced maximum prison term.
    May our angel – Michael Jackson – forever rest in peace.

    Love Nina – Denmark

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