Michael Jackson’s Neverland Raid

I was reading the documents from the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department from when seventy police officers swooped in on MJ’s Neverland in January 2004. All nicely orchestrated by Thomas Sneddon, the vindictive D.A. who, since 1993, wouldn’t rest until he had a taste of Michael Jackson’s blood. How many people out there know Sneddon falsified evidence in an attempt to put MJ behind bars? MJ fans know this but the media and Sneddon was out to prove Michael was a pedophile which he was not. Apparently Sneddon’s team seized photography books from Michael’s library along with personal photos. These two paragraphs from the report made me shake my head in disbelief.

“Although the photos contained in Item(s) 1003 through 1008 appear to be commercially produced, they do depict young males in limited clothing and various provocative poses. Based on my training, this type of material can be used as part of a “grooming” process by which people (those seeking to molest children) are able to lower the inhibitions of their intended victims and facilitate the molestation of said victims. “

The best part was that in the paragraph above, the person writing the report says “It should be noted, I recognized the photographs described in item numbers 1003 through 1008 (except the Polaroid photographs) as being associated with the pop group, “3T”. I recalled reading a magazine article, which discussed this pop group and their association with Michael Jackson. The article had some of these photographs associated in it and associated the photographs with a photo shoot for a compact disc cover for 3T’s single entitled “why”. I further learned the pictured individuals were Michael Jackson’s nephews. (Tito Jackson’s sons).

Here’s one of the photos considered evidence. Michael and his three nephews. Shocking! This is worth seeing twice so I shall post for you. I hope I don’t give you nightmares tonight.


This is a taste of what Michael Jackson went through in his life. Pictures of him with his nephews “half clothed” to promote their cd and they are considered possible victims of child molestation.

Okay, if the police raided my home they would find half nude photos I have personally taken of my young niece. Books on photographers that I have studied including Sally Mann’s Immediate Family,which shows her three children, all pictured with their bare chests (and two were female) on the cover. The cover of Still Time by Sally Mann shows her young daughter with no top on, just a flower draped across her neck, covering her breasts. Outrage! There are my books on Jock Sturges, who also photographed his entire family naked. His cover, Radiant Identities shows an adolescent girl with no shirt on. Oh my! Let’s not forget Ruth Bernhard’s books on the female nude.  My latest purchase, Kelly Klein’s Underworld, a photo book on partially unclothed men, women and (do I dare admit?) children in various types of underwear.Oh, oh, oh, I just remembered I have a collector’s edition of Herb Ritt’s nude photo book; Men and Women. Do I dare admit to owning a first edition of Donna Ferrato’s Love and Lust? A book she dedicates to recreational sex.  Shall we form a line of judgment? Ferrato proves the Bonobo monkeys use recreational group sex to reconcile fights, reinforce relations and generally keep the peace. Her conviction is love is truth, and truth is love.

What do we make of that pray tell? I also have numerous books on the Nazis and the psychology of motherless daughters, due to an unusual childhood and thanks to author Hope Edelman; who specializes in researching motherless daughters. What do we further make of that? Where are the handcuffs? Prepare the jail cell for my life sentence. Ch-mon.

I’m a photographer. I study photographers. I learn and am inspired from their artistry. I have a particular interest in the female nude.  Michael was a brilliant artist. His library had over 10,000 books in it. He was known to be a voracious reader who studied art,photography philosophy, theatre,even the circus. He wanted to create magic in his shows so he studied endless sources of material. B.T. Barnum was a particular favorite. You name it. Michael Jackson had an interest in it.  His creativity kept him up nights.

What is the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s dept doing with all the books they seized as evidence? Sounds like someone has good reading material for late nights.

Would my books make me a child molester suspect or a sexual deviant? Safety is an illusion. I’ve been walking the high wire for years without a safety net. How deep does the rabbit hole go? Consider this. Our grand democracy is seriously flawed when the books we own in our library could be considered evidence if a finger is pointed our way. We could be sent to jail just because someone out there said so. Now that is disturbing enough to lose sleep.

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3 responses to “Michael Jackson’s Neverland Raid

  • SB

    You go girl!! If you have a pic of a scantily clad person you must be a pedophile-at least some kind of pervert. I’d like to have a large pic of Tom Sneddon naked as a jaybird and a good set of darts. That would be entertaining!

    Do you know why Murray did not have his next hearing Aug. 23 according to schedule? Anybody know what’s going on? It’s the only date I can find.

  • hannahkozak

    My understanding is Murray’s court date is still set for August 23.

  • cynthia

    Clearly, this was a personal attack on Michael Jackson. Sometimes pety human begins get into postions of power and are able to execute orders and authority over the masses. In this case, Tom Sneddon is that man. He is human too. He probably always thought michael was a little “queer” and never liked his music. When the first boy made a complaint he was more than happy to proceed blindley and try to make a name for himeself taking the famous MJ down. It probably pissed him off for years that with all his effort he could never get anything on him and he could not get the first accuser’s family to proceed past getting what they really came for…Money. Duh. Once the public (gloria alred, diane diamond) were getting the public focused the second accuser, he saw a perfect opportunity to try again, telling them that with victory, they would probably be able to proceed and win a lucrative civil suite. This case should have clearly never gone forward with the evidence presented. Why Tom Sneddon has never been held accountable for malicious prosecution, I will never know. The FBI files released recently show that Sneddon spent countless funds (paid by us tax payers) to search globaly for other accusers with NO success. Makes me mad that Murray walks free along with Tom Sneddon. Lots of criminals out there, tell me Michael jackson really needed to be the focus of all this money and time with our law enforcement? I find it sad that people like Diane Diamond and Martin Bashir, both say what a tragedy and loss his death is. Now really, I doubt deep down they really feel a loss for this “child molester”. Clearly, they were just along for the fame ride and never thought he was a child molester or had serious doubt!

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