White Tantric Yoga

White Tantric Yoga is an integral part of Kundalini Yoga. It’s held in Los Angeles twice a year. The course is facilitated all over the world. When I participated in White Tantric Yoga in France some of the languages it was simultaneously being translated into included French, Spanish, Hebrew and German. We sit in pairs as part of a group meditation. We wear white to enhance our magnetic field and aura and we keep our crown chakra covered. The crown chakra (7th) is our connection to the highest self; our relationship with the unknown. It’s key characteristic is surrender, that humility that enables you to literally bow before the infinite. We have a kriya with a mental focus or mantra. The postures are held from eleven minutes to twenty two, thirty one and up to sixty two minutes. The idea is to break through our subconscious blocks. Yogi Bhajan, master of Kundalini Yoga and Mahan Tantric Master, said we must disipline ourselves. Our souls are shrouded in personal karmas.  We can stay shrouded or if it is our karma, some souls will be brought to a technology; an opportunity to stay for the teachings or to keep running away, usually from one addiction to another. Some people will experience “Shakti Pad”. Shakti Pad is when someone is at the place where they decide to stay on the spiritual path or quit altogether.  They will trick themselves into believing the spiritual practice doesn’t resonate for them any longer. It’s the ego’s way of going back to the old comfort zone. Mere words can’t describe the experience of Kundalini Yoga and White Tantric. It has to be felt.

Each posture will affect everyone differently. Some postures are easy for some and more challenging than others. Because of an injury that hasn’t healed yet I had some additional difficulties but I never gave up.

Yogi Bhajan, master of White Tantric said “Since ancient times humans have found that they have zillions of thoughts, billions of feelings, millions of emotions, thousands of desires, hundreds of fantasies, multirealities and personalities. Ultimately, our mind and thoughts rule us and bog us down. We try every method available to get rid of this pressure because it is eating us up inside. In the shortest time, you can experience release from a lot of the burden and extra weight that you carry in your head. As you see and act on each moment with clarity, you will gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your life will change. Your mind, body and soul will act together as one. This is the path to personal freedom and awareness, and will bring more success to every area of your life”.


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I am passionate about photography & have been making photos since I was a little girl. I have been a stunt woman for twenty five years. I have a passion for exploration, discovery, and escape. I dream of every place I seek to travel to. A recovering adrenaline junkie, I seek authenticity in everyday experiences. I love Kundalini Yoga,travel, books,writing and authentic, real experiences and people. I brake for squirrels. Que le vaya bien! View all posts by hannahkozak

4 responses to “White Tantric Yoga

  • Sam Fielding

    Wow! Incredilbe thanks for sharing.. I would love to try this sometime. x

  • SB

    I’d love to try it but I’m so medicated with anti-depressants and some age-related meds that I would never be able to shut my spinning brain down-seriously. I believe what yousay and that it helps many, many people. Even the Lotus position would kill me, arthritis in both knees and right hip. I don’t flex. I’m glad you’re happy with it, really. I’ve always wondered about Yoga in general. Thanks for the info. Now I get what a chakra is, sorta. We Baptists don’t have those lol.
    You go girl! Do this while you’re young and you’ll probably stay young! Don’t break anything, though. (:

  • sonia

    Thank you for sharing you journey. You are so wise and write so beautifully, I am inspired to follow your example, and share more of my experience as well. Sending you infinite love,

  • SB

    My first thought was “who’s Sonia”? I’m happy to hear from you. Do you do the Tantric Yoga also?
    You’re the first to say I’m wise-actually I’m just kinda old, 65.
    re writing- I’m considering writing a short story/essay type thing about becoming a fan of MJ the day he died. Sounds wierd but I’ve heard that there’s a number of us out there. If I can find a publisher??
    Take care and be happy.

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