Back from Guatemala

Returned from Guatemala on Wednesday. Tory and I had dinner together at my house. I made Ahi tuna and she made a yummy salad with baby greens, red chard, radiccio, parsley, cilantro, arugula, carrots with Parmeggiano Reggiano cheese that I love. We went to a local wine store and tried a bottle of a 2006 Scherrer Pinot Noir. It has spicy red currant & strawberry aroma to it. The tannins are soft and it even has a tangerine peel tangy flavor. It’s especially impressive because the 2006 vintage required extra care and work.

I drove out to Malibu yesterday to bring Sarah the Guatemalan doll I found for her in Antigua. We played on her computer for awhile. She asked if Michael Jackson bleached his skin.I explained to her that Michael Jackson didn’t bleach his skin but that he was diagnosed with Vitiligo and Lupus in 1986; both auto immune disorders. His make up artist shared that she used make up to try to even out his splotchy skin.All my niece knows is what the media has shown her. When I showed her how the skin loses its pigmentation, she understood. I explained that the Vitiligo was the source of discomfort and embarrassment and that once you have it, you are prone to skin cancer because the skin loses it’s color hence staying completely out of the sun and using an umbrella outside on a sunny day.She now understands that Vitiligo and Lupus can both be caused by stress. When Michael Jackson became the best selling artist in the world, the media began to tear him apart. Judgmental people bought into the propaganda.Kids don’t judge like adults do. They learn judgment from adults.

I managed to pick up a bug. I went to the gym on Friday and did my usual spinning class and 500 sit ups. I feel like I caught something there.

I am laying low today at home. Working on a book proposal idea that came to me in Guatemala. I’ve laid the book out on Blurb. Just need help with the proposal.

Sam made spaghetti with turkey. I brought over a bottle of El Felino, a 2004 Malbec that Paul Hobbs imports from Argentina. We all had dinner as we planned photography related events coming up. I love her grey cub Bob. He irrestible when he plays hard to get.

Inspired by my cousin Esther in Guatemala, I made matzoh ball soup. I added onions, celery, carrots and I have these groovy mini croutons made in Israel that one of my yoga students from Israel gave me.


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